Portal 2 getting in-game editor

Valve to let players create and share their own test chambers in single-player and multiplayer modes for first-person puzzler; release set for early next year.


In Portal 2, players were made to complete a series of devious and deadly tests constructed by the sadistic GLaDOS. Players will soon be able to put themselves in the AI antagonist's metaphorical shoes, as developer Valve today announced that it is working on an in-game editor that will let users create and share their own single-player and cooperative mode test chambers. The update is set for release early next year.

Think you can make a level better than Valve? Prove it.
Think you can make a level better than Valve? Prove it.

The editor will be the second add-on for Portal, following up on the Peer Review update released earlier this month. That addition continued the cooperative adventures of multiplayer characters P-Body and Atlas and featured a challenge mode playable both in single-player and co-op, as well as leaderboard support. The Peer Review pack was released for free on the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PC. Valve did not specify a cost or platforms for the in-game editor update and had not responded to GameSpot's request for clarification as of press time.

Portal 2--which has shipped 2 million units--is the continuation of the 2007 Orange Box pack-in Portal. The single-player portion of the new title continues the travails of human lab rat Chell, who in the original game used a portal gun to create interdimensional openings on ceilings, walls, and floors in an effort to escape the Aperture Science labs and thwart the diabolical GLaDOS.

For more on the game, check out GameSpot's review of Portal 2.

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@Alex_09 "I wish valve released one finished game that didn't have Half-life in the title." Um...Portal doesn't have Half-Life in the title and neither does Left 4 Dead. Also, DOTA 2 is coming out and Valve also made that.

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@warhawk-geeby I told you, I'm just stupid like that :P

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@AvatarMan96 Hahaha! I thought the reference to the dream would have been enough to be honest :|

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@warhawk-geeby Ooooooooooooooh, you mean my avatar image :lol: I'm so stupid :P

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@AvatarMan96 Ahhhh you know what I meant.. Nice GIF image then :P

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HURRY, i need this DLC more than i need my misses atm :-P

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@warhawk-geeby But....I didn't post a picture :lol:

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@AvatarMan96 Awesome picture mate, question is though... is he dreaming? Oooo......

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Quality. Valve just keep on giving!

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Not worth buying that's for sure, just like all the L4D DLC. I wish valve released one finished game that didn't have Half-life in the title.

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This rocks, the only problem will be weeding out the ****** user created content to find the hidden gems, lets hope for a rating system lol.

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I get the feeling that this will be PC-exclusive, and that's okay. I can't imagine being able to make actual map geography using a console. That said, Valve can pull some pretty amazing stuff, and they have in the past. If they bring an editor to consoles, I'll be blown away all over again.

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I wish more games had a mod system like Far Cry. Even for consoles, it was incredibly powerful. If you don't know what I'm talking about, check it out. It's a lot more powerful than Halo's Forge or anything like that.

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Oh, I just all the arguing about the difference between mods and user-created content. People, just be happy that Valve is updating Portal 2 with this in the first place. Who cares about the difference between an update and mods?

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@never-named What the? Cyber-cops are real? What on earth are you talking about?Is internet jail time where your avatar gets arrested?

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@pelvist Fair enough. I agree fanboys will say anything when defending their system. I like to play as many games on as many systems as possible...yes, including Wii!

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Yay, even more reply value, for such a fun, puzzel oriented FPS. It's odd how you can have so much fun in an First person view game without shooting others... and with SCIENCE!

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Oh this is awesome. This is why Portal 2 is one of the best games this year.

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@PS2fweak Thats not the impression i get from reading the threads in these forums. Every time mods are used as a + for PC gaming they get shot down by some console fanboy or discarded as being a credible pro' for the PC games because they are "not how the game was meant to be played" or "a load of crap with the odd few decent stuff". I think we both know that mods are great for games weather it be on consoles or PC but its only when you hear of news about console games being "moddable" that the console gamers retract what they say about mods. It like mods are great! ...but only when they are on consoles too.

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Of course console players can know how to use mods if they play a bit of each. Why is everything console player or PC player?

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This is going to be great! Glad to see Valve is still working with Portal!

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@pelvist What? Have you ever watched a mod video on youtube? There are always tons of comments from console gamers drooling over the mods. Anyways, it's not that console gamers don't like/aren't interested in mods. They just can't/don't know how to use them.

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@never-named What in god's name are you talking about?!

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Sounds awesome. A lot of twisted thinking is going to be required to make some creative and logical test chambers, but that makes it all the more fun.

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@never-named 1. User created maps using map editors have always been categorised and referred to as MODS or user made content. If the editor is built in it makes no difference. 2. Grats! A whole 2 games that you could think of, well done you have some games with limited modding capabilities on consoles. /golf clap 3. It was a question, dont tell me what I can and cant do, by the look of it you dont even have control over you emotions after reading a question someone posts on a forum ( i made u mad lol ) so dont think you can control anything i say/ask here ok? 4. Internet jail time huh? Rofl, why would i say its my opinion? I asked a question theres a difference between that and expressing ones opinion in a comment. Learn the difference. By the way please send me to Internet jail it sounds like fun...

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@pszone I don't know if english is your first language but dude you're not legible!

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Im getting terid of this vaule lied that doent take long do ep 3 of half life. plus value get another studio. and no point makeing half life ep 3 just make half life 3 already because getting piss off waiting long to see series back. i guess you dont care about your fans at all and lot pp say where hell half life ep3 or 3

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This is going to be incredible. I hope it will be on consoles but my God this is going to be awesome regardless.

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@pelvist 1. This is not a mod, it's an official update from Valve. 2. Consoles are home to titles such as 'LittleBigPlanet' and 'Modnation Racers', they also have games circling user generated content. 3. Stop being so divisive, we already have enough of that in society. Trying to separate the "consolites" from the "PC Elitists" is considered illegal nowadays if you didn't know. 4. I just had your "opinionated" card revoked so unless you feel like doing a little internet jail-time you won't want to try that old excuse.

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Gotta love Valve. To all the consolites saying "i hope this will be for consoles too" I thaught you lot didnt like/werent interested in mods?

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if this turns to be a pc only thing which is more probable only xbox players get the short end of the stick Yaay well and 2nd hand ps3 owners but its not like asking you to pay 10$ to access multiplayer and the chambers will probably be available on all 3 platforms

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I've been waiting for this! Finally.

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Its about time. They should've implemented this a long time ago.

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How come all of our developers can't appreciate their customers like this? Instead, games like CoD charge you a fortune for the smallest amount of content because they know their fanbase has been desensitized to the idea of free content

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Honestly, that was the only thing left between buying or renting this game. The editor will add an endless amount of replayability to this great puzzle game. Man, Half-Life 2 Episode 3/Half-Life 3 will have a lot to live up for.

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The game should have really came with this since the start, but Im glad we finally get it

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I've been waiting for this for so long

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@ratix2 Yes, but even in Steam do Valve give us great deals. My friend, for example, bought every Valve game for a total of 60 bucks. That's insane and probably the reason why more people buy there rather than Xbox Live and PSN.

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Valves great. and thats that

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Man this is awesome! I really hope it comes to all the versions. I'll be quite happy even if we have to wait the according to the usual Valve launch schedule. Won't this update make us all psychotic? We'll be making deadly tests,then going through them ourselves. Guess it's worth it to test other gamers. :)

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'The update is set for release early next year'. What is that in Valve time?

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Well, my holidays for next year will be spent on this glorious update.

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Should've been available from day one, would've given the game a little something called "replay value"".

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Ok cool, but WTF happened to GORDAN FREEMAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Gabe! Please man I'm begging you! Just give me something...a screen shot, concept artwork...anything.

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Too late.:)