Popular Anime Jojo's Bizarre Adventure Is Finally Adapting Part Five Arc



After waiting nearly a year and a half, we're finally getting the anime adaption of Part 5 of cult favorite anime/manga series, Jojo's Bizarre Adventure. Announced by series creator Hirohiko Araki at the end of a Jojo art exhibition press conference, the new season is scheduled to premiere this fall.

Titled Vento Aureo (Golden Wind), the fifth arc is set in Italy and stars Giorno Giovanna, who aspires to ascend the ranks of the Italian mafia to defeat its leader, so that he may absolve the organization of its corruption. Alongside the help of caporegime Bruno Buccellati and his men, Giorno will do whatever it takes to fulfill his dream of becoming a "Gang-Star." It takes place two years after the conclusion of Diamond is Unbreakable, the series' fourth arc whose anime adaptation aired in 2016.

Below you can view the anime's first teaser image, which offers a look at its artistic rendering of Part 5's iconic and fabulous ensemble cast. David Production, which handled animation duties of previous anime installments, is once again returning to handle the latest season.

The series premieres this October--likely on anime streaming platform Crunchyroll which have hosted all of the show's previous seasons. But if you're lucky enough to attend this year's Anime Expo, you'll be able to watch a pre-screening of the first episode on July 7 at 3 PM PST in the Los Angeles Convention Center.

Jojo's Bizarre Adventure is an incredibly popular manga series that first began publication in publisher Shueisha's Weekly Shonen Jump in 1987 with its inaugural arc, Phantom Blood. It follows the adventures of the Joestar family, whose members are each destined to take down supernatural threats. The series is split up into eight major arcs with its latest--JoJolion--still running to this day. Currently, Jojo's Bizarre Adventure is the second longest running series in the Jump line of magazines with over 121 volumes.

While the original manga series first began during the late '80s, it wasn't until 2012 that it received an anime adaption that aimed to faithfully recreate its story beats. Previous attempts dabbled in retelling the series' most iconic arcs, but ultimately took artistic liberties. This latest announcement should come as a massive treat to fans who have been eagerly awaiting the anime adaption of Jojo's Bizarre Adventure's fifth arc, especially after the near two-year wait from the previous season's conclusion. The new series has garnered massive success for its ability to capture the imaginations of both newcomers and longtime fans--ourselves included--so we're eager to see what David Productions has in store with its latest entry in the ongoing Jojo's Bizarre Adventure anime.

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anime game, i will try it

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That pic doesn't make the best impression but I already know its gonna be ridiculous.. this series never disappoints.

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@tingtong: Indeed I've seen everything from the anime and never once disappointed.

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Hory sheeeet

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Why is this the top story this isn't gaming news. I don't care if they made games based on the anime get this outta here.

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@LOLZuMadBro: Are you mad cause it's not wrestling or some random tv show?

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@Atzenkiller: Indeed. It's relevant because I expect we'll see Giorno in Jump Force, maybe the Part 5 villain too.

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@og_gamerzzz: That seems like totally baseless and frankly offensive generalization of LGBTQ+ people and of Japanese art styles. Not all LGBTQ+ people look the exact same or act the exact same and their appearances/behaviours can't be reduced so simply, I think it's pretty hurtful to assert that they do. Your comment paints both Japanese media and alleged "gayness" as something bad which is unfairly judgemental and is a misrepresentation of both.

Why is it so wrong for Mr Hirohiko Araki to design his characters this way? If you were familiar with the JoJo's Bizarre Adventure series you would know that there isn't any "feminizing" happening here. I'd hoped that in 2018 we'd have moved past sexist stereotyping like this.

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@og_gamerzzz: Calling it fascism is such an over the top exaggeration that it only confirms my earlier comment hit home. Very well. I'll just consider my initial perception of you as spot on. Freedom of speech doesn't mean freedom from criticism and it also isn't suppose to support hate. If I see things like homophobia or trashing the works of a Japanese mangaka like Mr Hirohiko Araki I'm going to call it out.

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@og_gamerzzz: Dude, they're not feminized. The show just has it's own very weird style. No need to take it too seriously or feel offended. You should rather check out the first season. By far the best anime show I've ever seen, and I'm really not a fan of that stuff. Too bad any seasons after that couldn't come close to it.

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@Atzenkiller: Truth here. How far are you into the series?

It slows down after the original 13 OVA episodes and the 25 episode 2012 series in pacing but remains totally worth it. The pacing is a little slower so they can cover the manga much more closely. For instance the remake of Stardust Crusaders is two 24 episode seasons and covers pretty much the entirety of the Part 3 manga while the OVAs speed through. In the OVAs a lot of the locations and enemy stand users aren't present whereas the remake has pretty much all of them. Part 4 Diamond is Unbreakable has 39 episodes and many feel that part 5 likely will be similar.

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@kobethedogg1: I've seen all the anime seasons they've released so far and the first season was the best thing ever. After that they switched to summoning personas and it became just ok. Some of the humor was still there but for me it never even got close to the levels of craziness that the first season showed. The first season consisted of the first 2 parts and both were equally epic.

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@Atzenkiller: I love Part 2, probably tied with 3 as favorite for me. Though I liked Parts 1 & 4 a lot as well. That's an interesting and cool way of describing Stands, it made me think about what a JoJo & Persona/SMT crossover could be like.

I love the comedy throughout the series, though it does set the bar really high for any comedy/slice of life I view in the future.

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@og_gamerzzz: Eh the manga Looks like that Since lets se 1996 when vento aureo began. They dont look femenine, i have seen much worse with current anime style this day, atleast they have Feature like eyes, believable mouths Unlike current anime, Its weird that DP decided to go with PINK for giorno color suit, i know jojo doesnt have CANON color schemes but he was always wearing dark blue in most games. But whatever Part V is the most Brutal of all parts and we have 70 and 80s Metal bands reference and videogame reference here and there let hope the censoship isnt that bad....

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@CRAPCOM1926: It's surprising but with what I've seen of JoJo I'm willing to trust their decisions. Yeah I hope the censorship is kept to a minimum.

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I need King Chrimson to delete the time between now and the release

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@lostaname: oops we **** up, is actually 2019 thanks to you king Crimson Skipped The entire Part V >< thanks a lot man.

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Don't know why this is here, but it's awesome.

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@adsparky: Because everyone needs to know about this fantastic news! Thank you JoJo for helping to make up for the lack of FFVII Remake at E3!!

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Great news! Can't wait to watch JoJo part 5, been waiting for this announcement ever since I watched the fantastic part 4!

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@kobethedogg1: I know RIGHT!? I'm beyond excited. Can't wait to hear the battle cries and see the iconic fights!