PopTop starts new civil war

Tropico developer announces its next project: a turn-based modern-day American civil war strategy game.


Shattered Union

PopTop Software has opened the curtain to its next project: Shattered Union. The turn-based strategy game will be coming to consoles and PCs, though an exact time frame has not yet been announced. The game will be shown for the first time at E3 this month.

Shattered Union focuses on a fictitious future where the United States has descended into civil war. Players must manage their army of tanks, helicopters, and modern-style war machinery to both take back the American landscape and reform the Union.

The game appears to be entirely three dimensional, and the three released screenshots show detailed representational units the size of large buildings. According to the press release issued earlier this week, the game will offer an engrossing single-player campaign and head-to-head online play for two players.

PopTop is the development house behind Railroad Tycoon 2 and the island despotism simulator, Tropico. The company was originally part of the Gathering of Developers but was brought into Take-Two Interactive's fold when that company purchased GOD's assets in 2002.

Shattered Union will be published by 2K Games, the newly minted subdivision of Take-Two Interactive. 2K Games is also publishing several other high-profile PC franchises, including Civilzation IV and The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion.

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