PopStar Guitar gets tracked

Songs from Rihanna, Maroon 5, Jonas Brothers, and Miley Cyrus confirmed to appear in upcoming fake-instrument rhythm game for PS2, Wii.


PopStar Guitar

With the rhythm game genre becoming increasingly crowded thanks to the massive success of Guitar Hero and Rock Band, developers need something to separate their efforts from the crowd. As the title of PopStar Guitar for the Wii and PlayStation 2 suggests, XS Games is looking to make a niche for itself by steering away from the well-navigated hard rock waters favored by Activision and MTV Games' hit series.

We think that's a mic on his face.
We think that's a mic on his face.

Today the publisher announced a handful of tracks from the game, including a pair of Maroon 5 songs and cuts from Rihanna, The Jonas Brothers, and Hannah Montana's not-so-secret-identity Miley Cyrus. The game's full set list will feature more than 50 pop ditties, all of which can be played on the PS2 using any five-button guitar game controller. For the Wii version, XS is producing its own "AirG" controller attachment that snaps onto the Wii Remote to allow for air guitar heroics.

PopStar Guitar is set for release in November. The specific tracks announced today are listed below:

"Shut Up and Drive"--Rihanna
"SOS"--The Jonas Brothers
"See You Again"--Miley Cyrus
"Wake Up Call"--Maroon 5
"Makes Me Wonder"--Maroon 5

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