PoPoLoCrois populating PSPs

Japanese role-playing game completes long journey to US shores; anime-style adventure now on Sony's portable.


The PSP has been called the "must-have" portable gadget for months now, but try telling that to hardcore fans of role-playing games. The handheld has been noticeably lacking old-school RPGs, with most of the games that focus on experience points and exploration cluttered with button-mashing action.

Gamers who prefer to strategically push the attack button instead of wildly tapping the attack button have reason to get their thumbs ready. Agetec today announced that PoPoLoCrois is now available for the PSP. The turn-based RPG was released in Japan earlier this year and developed by Sony Computer Entertainment Japan.

In PoPoLoCrois, players lead Prince Pietro on a quest to save his mother and kingdom from the clutches of the Ice Demon. He'll come up across all types of foes, from low-level hostile vegetation to high-level dragons. The game features a handy zoom feature, a quicksave option for gaming on the go, and more than 30 hours of gameplay.

PoPoLoCrois is rated E for Everyone and retails for $39.99. For more information on the game, check back with GameSpot later this week for a review.

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but teh GBA graphics!!!!!111 :cry:

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i might play it

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you know you do got a point guys the psp should have more RPGs like popolocrois and the ds should have more RPGs rather than the PSP

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^^Why don't you get Kingdom of Paradise then? It's action gameplay like dynasty warriors yet is also an RPG with a nice storyline with good cutscenes to boot.

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is it me or does anyone else hate (!) turn based play? I'll keep waiting for one that doesnt have it. Or better yet an MMORPG on the PSP.

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I'm getting this game for X-mass I can't wait, Finally more games I am into are slowly ariving on the PSP!

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This game just looks so...CUTE. I Mean, I half expect Winnie the Pooh, The Little Prince or Madeline to make an appearance. But it, combined with the soundtrack, does give the game a bedtime story feel to it. Well done in that respect.

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this game is off the fudging hook. i play this game religiously and i freakin hate RPG with a passion. now that is tell u something.

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Yeh! I'm dying for some solid RPG's to play on my PSP. The GBA had Golden Sun when it first came out and that certainly upped the GBA's ranking in my book.

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Looks kinda cool, hope it actually is though.

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Been playing ti for a few days and it is good. Check out my review for more details

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Let's hope you guys give it a good one.

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never heard of this game is it good?

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Quiet elie05 you troll, I'm looking forward to this game.

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A solid RPG is just what the PSP needs . . . but is this it?

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Can't wait to play it