Polyphony Digital prowling for staff

Gran Turismo, Tourist Trophy developer seeking new engineers, designer for its Tokyo studio.


Polyphony Digital, creator of the racer Gran Turismo series and, more recently, the touring bike sim Tourist Trophy, announced Saturday on its Web site that it is looking for more staff. Open positions include network engineer, software engineer, landscape designer, system-administration staff, and system-administration assistants. All posts are full-time with the exception of the assistants. Pay scales range from 1,150 yen (about $10) an hour for the part-time assistants and 6 million to 10 million yen ($52,300 to $87,170) a year for the engineering gigs. The job descriptions do not specify for which projects or platforms the engineers and designer are being recruited.

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minimum wage man!

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87K for a job in Japan seems small.

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$10 an hour huh? c'mon I hear Japan is one of the most expensive places to live in, even $60K a year its peanuts in Japan.

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the best of game simulador racing the world

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need to apply so that i can go to tokyo...

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Sorry guys, but i've already commited with the IO folks

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Sorry but forza does have it for me, unless I can plug my driving force pro into the crappy xbox then I dont care about Forza, gran turismo is still the best game. Forza just showed what gt needs to stay on top. the physics is forza were lacking, it was made for using a wheel but all the wheels for xbox really suck badly. Also gt4 is online if you use your pc and it works nicely, I understand your complaints, I was mad when online was pulled and no damage but gt4 is still awesome.

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Its weird to think that they dont have enough staff as it is.GT5 must be huge.Hope they start to think about putting in some damages, it would look real rather than the borring shake of the screen, but the car looks like it just come out of the factory.I want tires flying head on during those formula GT races, that would be awesome.

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I hate to say it but I am not expecting many improvements compared to GT4 on the PS3 with the exception of better graphics and a (hopefully this time) manditory online mode. I still think GT3 was the high point of the series with GT4 being a modest letdown. Hopefully the second game on the PS3 will wow me again.

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Man, it would be cool to work there. It is also good to hear they are expanding.

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sussexj OMEGA BOOST MAN!!! BRING BACK OMEGA BOOST FOR THE NEXT GEN!!! == I like how this user thinks ^_^

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Tired of hearing about Forza blah blah blah and gt4 is boring too cant wait to see whats new and i hope they dont bring back anymore of these boring sims waist a money if u ask mi so getting new workers is a great idea hopefully great games too

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damage modeling in Forza is mostly cosmetic you can't till me slaming into a wall at a 150 mph with damage on sim and the only thing that happens in a bent finder and over steer is anything more then cosmetic forza took a tired genre and put me to sleep

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Quote: billigloo "woo landscape designer man forza killed the sim raceing games for me man it was bad still can't see how people get worked up over tin can damage modeling" The damage modeling in Forza isn't cosmetic...it actually affects how your car handles and performs, so if you slam your right front tire into a guard rail the steering will pull from your alignment going out of whack. That's why sim fanatics dug the game so much--it added an extra layer of depth and realism that GT4 lacked, not to mention online play.

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ferrarimanf355 is right GT is so overrated.

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I want damage modelling, but i'll take online play over damage anyday...hopefully we can have both.

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This is great ..............

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I got no job, can you give me a job hi hi can i apply

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if they,re still hring network engineers then this game won't be out until late 2007/early 2008. But let's hope they actually work hard on it (network play) this time instead of just telling so and dropping it 2 months prior to launch. They could also be working on the PSP GT game... and if it's for that they're hiring networks engineer then that game was never as far along as they showed it was a year ago when they launched the PSP... But then again it's Sony and they now have to prove us wrong that they're faking most of what they do (at least for me.... because with Killzone, Vision GT, The FFXIII movies, and all the ports shown for PS3 last year... i'm kinda sceptic... and that's coming from someone who actually likes sony...)

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woo landscape designer man forza killed the sim raceing games for me man it was bad still can't see how people get worked up over tin can damage modeling

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well, hopefully they are working on GT5 now.

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@tanner cool indeed.

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ditto for what ferrariman said

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Seriously, they need to step it up in the physics and damage modeling department. GT4 was more of the same. The formula is getting old.

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i like the bumper car physics =) it is a game. i have to drive in reality all day long. i like to be able to drive crazy in games.

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I guess the thought of accolades for Forza 2 were too much for these guys, and they're trying to put in actual car damage, online play, and rework the bumper-car physics. I'm still going for Forza 2, though... :lol:

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