Pokemon's Original 151 Built From Scratch in Minecraft

See what Gyarados, Snorlax, and the other original Pokemon look like when built from Minecraft blocks.

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Give a monkey an infinite amount of time with Minecraft, and it'll eventually build everything possible. Until we one day reach that nightmare scenario, we'll have to make do with people can make in the game using a finite amount of time, and that's not so bad--just look at these recreations of the original 151 Pokemon.

As created by Reddit user QueenMercury, all 151 are located on the same map and were created block-by-block in Creative mode without the assistance of a script. The project began two years ago, although QueenMercury took a break until clay was added, which allowed for the colors to be "less frustrating." As for the process of building them: "I laid all the colors out on the ground, then I'd look at the Pokemon and eyeball what I needed." Each Pokemon took anywhere from 30 minutes up to three hours to complete.

Particularly when looking at larger versions of the images, you can see how much detail had to go into some Pokemon (like Gyarados above). Asked which one was the most difficult to build, QueenMercury said, "It's kind of hard to say because I got better at the process as I went along and I did the more complex ones (Gyarados, Articuno, Butterfree) pretty early. Probably one of those three though, anything with wings took so much longer."

You can check out the full gallery below. Make sure to pay close attention to the thumbnails, and just how accurate they look.

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