Pokemon--Check Out This Amazing New Official Poketoon Animation Done In A Classic Style

Poketoons, a new sort of Pokemon cartoon, has debuted on an official Japanese Pokemon YouTube channel--and it sports an incredible retro aesthetic.


The Japanese YouTube account Pokemon Kids TV, an official Pokemon account that posts content for young children, has just debuted something quite exciting--a new Pokemon cartoon reminiscent of the Fleischer hand-drawn animation style. For a modern example of this style, think Cuphead.

The short is referred to as a "Poketoon," and it looks like a cartoon from the 40s.

The episode features Scraggy (or Zuruggu in Japanese) and Mimikyu, and it's called Chase the Beans. It doesn't have the most exciting plot, but it looks gorgeous--and completely unlike the regular Pokemon anime.

You can watch the video below.

Hopefully this is just the first installment, and we'll be able to enjoy more Poketoons in the future.

The most recent Pokemon games, Sword and Shield, will be growing soon with the Isle of Armor expansion, which releases on June 17.

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