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Pokemon x Levi's Apparel Collection Available Now

Nintendo's new collab with Levi's features a large collection of Pokemon-themed jackets, jeans, T-shirts, and accessories.


Pokemon is officially celebrating its 25th anniversary next week, but Nintendo is kicking off the festivities early with a variety of new merch, events, and more. The latest collaboration is with apparel brand Levi's, so if you're looking to add some new Pokemon gear to your wardrobe, now's a great time to do so. The Levi's x Pokemon collection launched online and in stores today, offering a variety of jeans, shirts, jackets, and accessories that feature Gen 1 Pokemon and characters in their classic styles.

To be honest, I was super skeptical when I first saw the teaser images for this collection back in January, but now that the full line of Pokemon apparel has been revealed, some of it's actually pretty cute. There's an adorable Jigglypuff beanie (which I bought right away), a white tee featuring a very sleepy Pikachu napping on the Levi's logo, and even a mini Psyduck clip-on bag that's already sold out online. The collection also pays homage to the original anime, including a T-shirt that features Ash and Misty with their Poke Balls at the ready. You can even pick up Misty's tank top and shorts and cosplay the iconic water trainer. Strangely, Brock doesn't make an appearance in the collection--did you forget the original gang was a trio, Levi's?

Of course, there are denim jackets and jeans available as well, including two vintage-style trucker jackets with matching jeans. The first jacket-jean combo has a green foresty pattern with various Gen 1 Pokemon printed on it, while the second pair is slightly more understated, featuring light wash denim with lightning bolts on the sleeves and a fierce-looking Pikachu on the thigh. Each jacket and pair of jeans is available to buy separately. There are also multiple pairs of jeans that you can customize with a more subtle Pokemon pattern.

We've highlighted a few products from the collection that caught our eye below, but you can check out the full line of Pokemon jackets, hoodies, T-shirts, and more at Levi's. Note that for some items, you have to select your size before the "add to cart" button will appear.

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