Pokemon X and Y are the best-selling 3DS games to date

Sales of the first main 3DS Pokemon title are closing in on 12 million.

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Pokemon X and Y combined are the best-selling 3DS titles to date, with The Pokemon Company saying that the games combined have shifted almost 12 million copies worldwide in the five months since their launch in October 2013.

Nintendo's last official number on sales of the latest games in the long-running RPG series was 11.6 million in February, suggesting that Pokemon X and Y have notched up almost 400,000 additional sales since then.

But will Pokemon X and Y be able to catch up to the sales of their predecessors? DS titles Pokemon Diamond and Pearl notched up 17.6 million sales, whereas Pokemon Black and White managed 15.4 million sales.

For the record, the best-selling DS title overall is New Super Mario Bros., which sold an incredible 30.38 million copies as of the end of March 2013. Super Mario 3D was the 3DS' best-selling game as of March 2013, with 8.29 million sales. It's highly likely that Pokemon X and Y are now sitting at the top of Nintendo's best-selling games list, though Nintendo is yet to update it with their latest figures.

All in all, 245 million Pokemon games have now been sold worldwide.

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