Pokemon World Championship Trivia Winners Announced!

GameSpot announces the three lucky winners of the Pokemon World Championship Prize Packs stuffed with Poke-Exclusives!


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GameSpot covered the Pokemon World Championships this year and in addition to all of the awesome Pokebattles there was some pretty neat swag to be found! Take this exclusive Pikachu for example, he's just one of the many awesome exclusives we got our hands on this year.

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During our stream we gave away three of these amazing and exclusive Pokemon World Championship prize packs to GameSpot users who managed to correctly answer the following questions:
- Name all seven of the evolutions of the Pokemon Eevee based on National Pokedex Number.
- What is the name of the pokegift that trainers registered to the official site can receive on their birthday?
- How many official pokemon licensed games are currently released?

And here are the selected trivia winners!
Everett R. of Middlebury, VT
Amanda H. of Norfolk, NE
and Joey J. of Oregon, IL

Congrats to the trivia winners and a big thanks to everyone who tuned in to watch our coverage of the event. We look forward to seeing you next year at the Pokemon World Championships 2013 in Vancouver!

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What do you think the trivia answers are? Submit the question and your answer in the comments below to receive bonus profile points to go towards your next GameSpot User Level!

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