Pokemon-With-Guns Game Palworld Continues To Look Alarming In Newest Trailer

In Palworld, you collect Pokemon-like creatures and make them battle, or you can butcher them to eat.


A new trailer for Palworld has arrived, and the game continues to look like an alarming mix of Pokemon and guns. The eye-catching trailer from developer Pocketpair shows off a gorgeous-looking, colorful world filled with Pokemon-like creatures that are quickly mowed down in gunfire.

The video bounces all over the places, tonally, as it features upbeat music, bright visuals, and wholesome scenes in some sequences before things go to a very dark place later on. About halfway through the video is a nightmare-inducing scene where creatures that look to be a cross between a Pikachu and a Snorlax are strapped to tables in a dark dungeon, while the next scene shows other creatures manufacturing assault rifles on an assembly line. It's truly unique. Check out the trailer below.

Palworld is described as a multiplayer, open-world survival crafting game. Players befriend and collect creatures known as "pals," and then use them to fight enemies. "You can sell them, butcher them to eat, give them hard labor, pillage, rob, and exercise complete mayhem but this is completely up to the players to make adult decisions like these since the laws in this world prohibit such activities. Just don't get caught!" reads a line from the game's description.

Pocketpair is currently targeting a 2022 release date on PC via Steam.

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