Pokemon Unite Trevenant Guide: Stats, Moveset, and Best Builds For The Ghoulish Ghost Tree

Here's how to get the most out of Pokemon Unite's spooky new addition.


Trevenant is one of the most unique Pokemon to join the Pokemon Unite roster. A lot of its moveset hinges on curses, area of effect moves, and stat changes, but these parameters make figuring out this new strategy that much more compelling. Its high endurance will let it linger in a close battle, getting in a few extra shots compared to its opponents and potentially proving the difference between victory and defeat. There's a lot to like with this spooky ghost tree, starting with its robust moveset.

Pokemon Unite Trevenant Stats and Moveset

Here's what we're working with when Trevenant rolls into the arena:

Role: Defender

Style: Melee

Difficulty: Intermediate


  • Offense - 4
  • Endurance - 8
  • Mobility - 4
  • Scoring - 5
  • Support - 5

Evolution levels: Phantump Start | Trevenant at Lvl. 5

Special Moves:

  • Will-o-Wisp - Shoots flames in a single direction, damaging opponents and leaving a burn. Cooldown is 6 seconds. Upgrades at Lvl. 5 to one of the following:
    • Wood Hammer - Trevenant slams the ground in front of it, damaging opponents and leaving them stunned. A successful hit allows for a second attack with a massive wooden hammer, damaging and stunning the opponent again. 7 second cooldown. At Lvl. 11 damage from enemy Pokemon that were hit by the second attack is reduced for a short time.
    • Curse - Trevenant uses some health to create a "cursed zone" that damages opponents over time and lowers their movement speed. Every successful hit builds curse power in Trevenant, which when released will cause further damage. If curse power is maxed when released, all of Trevenant's other moves will have their cooldowns reset. 6 second cooldown. At Lvl. 11 the radius of the cursed zone is increased.
  • Branch Poke - Jabs an opponent with a branch, dealing damage and slowing the opponent's movement on hit. Cooldown is 7.5 seconds. Upgrades at Lvl. 7 to one of the following:
    • Horn Leech - Trevenant charges forward, damaging and pushing all Pokemon in its path. Each successful hit heals Trevenant, and the lower Trevenant's HP is, the more health will be recovered. Trevenant's next three basic attacks reduce this move's cooldown by .5 seconds on hit. 8 second cooldown. At Lvl. 13 Trevenant's movement speed is increased after use.
    • Pain Split - Creates a link between Trevenant and an opponent, with Trevenant sharing any damage it receives with the linked Pokemon. The lower Trevenant's remaining HP, the greater the percentage of damage shared. Additionally, if Trevenant's remaining HP is lower than the linked enemy, this move deals constant damage every half-second, healing Trevenant for the same amount. 10 second cooldown. At Lvl. 13 the move's duration is increased.
  • Passive Skill: Natural Cure - HP regeneration effect is triggered for a short time when Trevenant is at low HP. Attack cooldowns are reduced while this effect is active. When the effect ends the next trigger is delayed, but delay can be reduced with each successful attack.
  • Unite Move: Phantom Forest - Trevenant creates a haunted forest that deals area-of-effect damage to surrounding Pokemon, throws them away, and decreases their movement speed temporarily. Basic attacks from ally Pokemon deal additional damage to all opponents hit by the forest. Trevenant also gains a shield when Phantom Forest connects, the shield strengthened for each unique Pokemon hit. While shielded, any HP recovery effects active on Trevenant heal it faster.

Pokemon Unite Trevenant Best Builds: One Versus All

    • Move 1 Upgrade: Wood Hammer
    • Move 2 Upgrade: Horn Leech
    • Battle Item: Eject Button
    • Held Items
      • Buddy Barrier
      • Energy Amplifier
      • Focus Band

This is the kit a Trevenant player will want to bring onto the digital pitch if they want to cause as much damage as possible to as many opponents as possible. Both Wood Hammer and Horn Leech can also affect how enemies move around, stunning them in place or shoving them around the battlefield.

The items in this build are mostly straightforward, with Energy Amplifer reducing cooldowns between attacks and both the Focus Band and Buddy Barrier providing solid defense while Trevenant attacks.

Despite the offensive-minded build Trevenant is still a defensive Pokemon, so do not stray too far from your home zones or you will regret it. Keep back, let your allies come to you in refuge, and pound into oblivion any enemies who are in pursuit.

Pokemon Unite Trevenant Best Builds: A Curse Upon Thee!

    • Move 1 Upgrade: Curse
    • Move 2 Upgrade: Pain Split
    • Battle Item: Potion
    • Held Items
      • Buddy Barrier
      • Focus Band
      • Score Shield

Trevenant's versatility is impressive in Pokemon Unite, as this build plays radically different from the previous one. Here we're not focused on controlling crowds or protecting runaways, this is a purely defensive build that will turn Trevenant into a dominant tank in short order.

The broad area of effect for Curse makes it a tough move to get around, while Pain Split gives Trevenant an extra layer of protection against enemy attacks. After all, if Trevenant should link with a high-damage attacker on the enemy's side, that Pokemon won't go out of its way to hurt Trevenant in return and share that damage. Targeting the highest damage opponents with Pain Split and keeping them at bay will give Trevenant a huge advantage in the late game.

All three items in this build are defensive focused, with Focus Band and Score Shield lending huge buffs to Trevenant's defenses and Potion granting some extra HP in a pinch. That said, like the previous build do not overextend and get caught sleeping on the wrong side of the pitch. Trevenant is all about defense, so keep things simple.

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