Pokemon Unite Release Date, Trailer, And New Info Revealed

The franchise's first strategic team battle game is coming soon to Switch and mobile.


Pokemon Unite, the first strategic team battle game in the series, will release in July for Nintendo Switch and in September for mobile devices. The game uses the free-to-play model, though The Pokemon Company refers to this as "free-to-start." Players can spend real money on various items throughout the game or unlock them with gameplay.

The Pokemon Company also revealed that cross-play between Switch and mobile is planned, while Pokemon Trainer Club and Nintendo Accounts are supported, too. A cinematic trailer for Pokemon Unite has also been released; check it out below.

Pokemon Unite is set on Aeos Island, which is the home to the Unite Battle Committee. This group organizes Unite Battle tournaments that players take part in. Teams of five battle against each other to rack up the most points before the clock runs out.

To get points, players gather Aeos energy by defeating other Pokemon and then putting the energy into one of the opposing team's designated zones. There are multiple battle stadiums in the game, and each has its own unique rules that determine things like match length and what types of Pokemon will appear.

Pokemon Unite has ranked matchmaking system that starts with the Beginner Cup and advances up to Master Cup. There is also a global leaderboard so you can see how your statistics match up with the rest of the playerbase.

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Players can dress their Pokemon in different clothing, and they can customize the look of their trainer, too, with different clothing and accessories. Pokemon Unite also has a seasonal Battle Pass that gets you various rewards for use in the game.

Pokemon Unite has an in-game shop that accepts three types of currency, including Aeos gems, which are paid for with real money. There are also Aeos coins and Aeos tickets. Coins and tickets are available simply for playing the game, and they can be spent on "licenses" that allow you to partake in the Unite Battles. There is an Aeos Emporium shop that accepts coins and gems where you can buy cosmetic items and more.

You can read the full announcement to learn more. Pokemon Unite is a joint development from The Pokemon Company and Tencent's TiMi Studios.

If Pokemon Unite doesn't seem like your speed, The Pokemon Company is also developing a new RPG called Pokemon Legends: Arceus for release in 2022 on Switch.

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