Pokemon Unite Players Unite Around Zeraora Being Stupidly OP

A tier list is taking shape as the community discusses which Pokemon are most powerful in the new MOBA, but one is head and whiskers above the rest.


Pokemon Unite players are starting to coalesce around something resembling a tier list, as they put the Pokemon through their paces in various match-ups and team compositions. Fans seem to have a handful of top picks so far, but one Pokemon is clearly dominating the memes: the Mythical electric wildcat, Zeraora.

Part of that is unlike other Pokemon, Zeraora doesn't evolve as a match goes on. Picking Charizard starts you as a Charmander, for example, and you evolve as you level up through a match. Zeraora, as a Mythical Pokemon, starts in its fully adult state and seems more powerful as a baseline. It's also a melee speedster-type, which means it's quick and ferocious.

But Zeraora also learns stronger moves throughout the match just like other Pokemon, including Volt Switch to close gaps or the powerful Wild Charge. If you've gone head to head against a level 8 Zeraora, you've probably seen it suddenly slash at you from multiple angles over the course of about 1.5 seconds and thought to yourself: wait what the hell?

So it's no surprise that the Pokemon Unite subreddit has become populated with memes celebrating/cursing the legendary Pokemon, whether shocked at its power level or lamenting the inevitable nerf.

Zeraora isn't the only Pokemon being hailed as a great pick or terribly OP, depending on if you find yourself on the giving or receiving end of their attacks. Machamp has gotten some attention for its powerful Suplex ability and Cramorant is surprisingly strong for a goofy-looking bird.

One nice thing about Zeraora's standout status is that it's available for free until August 31, neatly sidestepping any concerns about the most OP Pokemon requiring a hefty investment. This way you can put your hard-earned Coins or real-money Gems toward some of the other top-tier Pokemon. For more, read up on how the currencies and microtransactions work in Pokemon Unite. And if you're just getting started, check out some essential Pokemon Unite tips.

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