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Pokemon Unite: New Unit Espeon, A Ranged Attacker, Is Now Available

Get it for free by completing missions.


Pokemon Unite, a MOBA featuring Pokemon on Switch and mobile, has released a new addition to the roster: Espeon. It can be obtained by either earning mission points, or if you want Espeon immediately, by spending real money.

Espeon occupies the Ranged Attacker role and has great offensive abilities and some support abilities. It ranks lower in Endurance, Mobility, and Scoring. Many of Espeon's attacks can reduce an opponent's movement speed and thereby create openings for other team members to score or go in for the kill.

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But Espeon doesn't move very fast and has lower endurance--which means it can get knocked out more easily--so if Espeon finds itself alone, it's a unit that can get ganked easily. Careful positioning and teamwork will be important if players are planning on using Espeon. Any real evaluation of Espeon needs to be tested in-game though, so it remains to be seen just how effective it may or may not be

You'll need to earn 2000 mission points to get Espeon for free. Your max daily mission points are 220, and weekly mission points give you 700. So if you log in and do the daily mission every day, you should be able to get Espeon in around a week.

Read on for a look at Espeon's abilities, as described in the game.

Espeon Abilities

  • Basic Attack (once evolved): Becomes a boosted attack whenever a set amount of time passes and turns into a beam. The beam deals more damage and decreases the opponent's movement speed temporarily.
  • Ability, Magic Bounce (once evolved): If an opponent attempts to inflict a hindrance, Espeon negates it and becomes immune to hindrances temporarily. Deals damage to and slows down movement speed of opposing Pokemon that attempt to inflict hindrance. This skill goes on cooldown after being triggered.
  • Swift: Shoots star-shaped rays at enemies.
  • Psyshock (can be selected upon reaching level 4): Releases psychic projectiles in a location. If a Pokemon is hit by projectiles, speed is reduced. If they're hit by all the projectiles, the opponent can't act temporarily.
  • Stored Power (can be selected upon reaching level 4): An AoE attack that reduces the movement speed of Pokemon in range and dealing damage. Blasts of psychic power can be stored whenever a set amount of time passes, or after Espeon hits a Pokemon with a boosted basic attack. The maximum blasts that can be stored at once is five. After using Stored Power, Espeon's movement speed increases.
  • Growl: Deals damage and reduces opponent's speed temporarily
  • Psybeam (can be selected on reaching level 6): A ranged attack that can hit multiple Pokemon. The higher the max HP of the first Pokemon hit, the more damage the rays will cause to other Pokemon. This attack has amplification abilities too: If the first Pokemon hit is affected by immobility or speed reduction, these effects will be applied to other Pokemon in the attacks' range.
  • Future Sight (can select on reaching level 6): Select a Pokemon to lock onto. An AoE damage will then trigger around the locked-on Pokemon, dealing damage to opponents in range. Depending on what Espeon does the locked-on Pokemon, this ability comes with other effects:
    • The lower the lock-on Pokemon's HP is, the more damage is dealt.
    • Each time Espeon deals damage to the locked-on Pokemon, Future Sight's cooldown is decreased.
    • If the locked-on Pokemon gets knocked out before the AoE damage triggers, then Espeon gets a single use of powered-up Psyshock or Store Power. Powered-up Psyshock is a ranged attack that causes an explosion, dealing AoE damage. Powered-up Stored Power deals damage, but also restores Espeon's HP when the attack hits opponents.
  • Unite Move Psychic Solare: An AoE attack that throws enemies into the air and "suspends them using psychic power." An explosion occurs shortly and while dealing damage to the Pokemon caught in range, shoves them away.

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