Pokemon Unite Is Celebrating 9 Million Downloads With Free Aeos Tickets

Free Aeos tickets means free Trainer cosmetics and held items, all in celebration of Pokemon Unite's success.


Pokemon Unite is doing well ahead of its launch on mobile, with more than 9 million players having downloaded the pocket monster-themed MOBA so far on Nintendo Switch. To celebrate, developer TiMi Studio Group is giving players 2,000 Aeos Tickets starting on September 29.

What are Aeos Tickets, exactly? They can be used to purchase trainer cosmetics like new clothes, as well to purchase held items and held item upgrades that are used by Pokemon in battle. For players who don't want to spend cold hard cash to acquire better held items, TiMi Studio's gift will be a welcome bonus.

Pokemon Unite, which is free-to-play, is set to release on mobile platforms September 22. Some of the game's most recent patches brought series buffs to characters like Blissey, while nerfing characters like Snorlax. Two new Pokemon will soon be introduced to the game in the form of Mamoswine and Sylveon.

The game has come under fire for certain elements many players say are "pay-to-win," specifically referring to the ability to purchase better, power-boosting held items with real money. While giving all players 2,000 Aeos Tickets to do with as they see fit is a nice way to bridge the gap between players who are willing to pay real money for upgrades and those who aren't, TiMi Group has thus far failed to address the issue.

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