Pokemon Unite - How Ranked, Standard, And Quick Play Matches Work

There are three match types in Pokemon Unite, and they offer pretty different play experiences and rewards. Here's how they work and what to expect from Ranked mode.


Pokemon Unite is a MOBA, which means a lot of the aspects of its map and mechanics are set to facilitate the esport aspect of the genre. But there are some notable differences between the three main play modes including match time, arena size, and how rewards work. Here's a breakdown of Standard, Quick, and Ranked matches.

Standard Battle

The Standard battle is the one you'll encounter first, and it's meant to get your feet wet as you learn the mechanics and how to manage your Pokemon. In Standard there is currently only one map, Remoat Stadium. Matches are only 5v5, and they last 10 minutes. You can also select between Random Match, in which all of your teammates and opponents are found via matchmaking; CPU Match, in which all of your teammates and opponents are AI bots; and Friendly Match, in which you can fill both teammate and opponent slots with friends and fill any gaps with AI bots.

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Standard is how you'll earn most of your beginning trainer XP and Coins. While Standard matches essentially serve to prepare you for the other two modes, Ranked and Quick, it remains available after those open. You may still want to jump into Standard matches when you want a longer game than the Quick option, but you also want a more casual experience without worrying about playing your hardest for Ranked.

Quick Battle

The Quick battle opens once you've reached trainer level 8, and it features a wider variety of maps than Standard. These matches only last five minutes, and the arenas are smaller: a 4v4 Shivre City, 4v4 Mer Stadium, and 3v3 Auroma Park. Like Standard battles, they let you choose between random, CPU, and friendly opponents. But since the matches are so much shorter, they do give significantly less trainer XP.

Ranked Battle

There are three requirements to participate in Ranked battles.

  • Reach trainer level 6. Ranked play is gated behind a trainer level to give you an opportunity to play in Standard battles and get a feel for the flow of matches before you jump into the higher-stakes world of Ranked.
  • Own five Pokemon licenses. This assures that during the Pokemon select screen, you'll always have access to a Pokemon even if you pick yours last and your other four teammates have taken yours.
  • Maintain an 80 or above Fair Play score. The Fair Play score, located in your profile, is essentially a way to encourage good behavior in online matches. Fair Play points can be deducted for abandoning a match or idling, and you can regain up to five Fair Play points per day by simply playing matches normally. 60-79 is the threshold for a Ranked match ban, while anything lower than 59 will get you banned from Standard random battles as well.

Once you can participate in Ranked battles, you'll start climbing your way up the six ranks. Those are, in ascending order, Beginner, Great, Expert, Veteran, Ultra, and Master.

Inside each rank are several classes--essentially pips on a point scale to rise through those ranks. Winning adds a point and advances you toward the next class, while losing subtracts a point. Each class has three points. Once you've reached the top class of a particular rank, you'll advance to the next one. The higher ranks also have more classes to rise through, so you'll need to win more matches to advance.

For example, the Beginner rank has three classes, which means you need a total of nine wins to rank up. (Any losses will need to be counteracted with another win). The Great rank has four classes, so you'll need 12 wins. Expert, Great, and Veteran each have five classes, so you'll need 15 wins. If you reach the Master class, you no longer advance along classes at all and simply rank up to be the very best.

Ranked Rewards

Unlike Standard and Quick battles, Ranked gives you extra rewards at the end of a season, on top of any you earned while gaining trainer XP and achievements through the course of play. Those are based on your highest rank received during a season. You need to have played at least 20 Ranked matches in a season to claim any ranked rewards. The current rewards listed for this season are:

  • Beginner: 2,000 Aeos tickets
  • Great: 4,000 Aeos tickets
  • Expert: 6,000 Aeos tickets
  • Veteran: 10,000 Aeos tickets
  • Ultra: 15,000 Aeos tickets
  • Master: 20,000 Aeos tickets

Aeos tickets are primarily used to power up Held Items and to purchase cosmetics in shops. For more, read about how Pokemon Unite currencies and microtransactions work, and check out our essential beginner tips. And of course, make sure you claim your free Zeraora during the launch giveaway period.

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