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Pokemon Unite Duraludon Guide: Stats, Moveset, and Best Builds For The Steely Dragon

Here's how to get the most out of Pokemon Unite's Galarian goliath.


If you're the kind of MOBA player that wants to deal as much damage as possible to as many opponents as possible, Duraludon is the choice for you in Pokemon Unite. It has multiple abilities that create areas of effect, dealing damage to groups of opponents as opposed to one at a time. Moves like Stealth Rock and Dragon Pulse can also leave opponents vulnerable to your allies, which makes capitalizing on Duraludon's abilities in a team fight essential to its success.

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Pokemon Unite Duraludon Stats and Moveset

Here's what we're working with when Duraludon enters the fray:

Role: Attacker

Style: Ranged

Difficulty: Intermediate


  • Offense - 9
  • Endurance - 4
  • Mobility - 5
  • Scoring - 5
  • Support - 3

Evolution levels: Duraludon Start

Special Moves

  • Laser Focus - Reduces damage received for a short time. After damage reduction expires, Duraludon's next three basic attacks deal additional damage. Cooldown is 9 seconds. Upgrades at Lvl. 5 to one of the following:
    • Flash Cannon - Duraludon fires a ground-breaking blast in a designated direction, dealing area-of-effect damage and decreasing the affected opponent's movement speed for a short time. For a short time after the attack, basic attacks are changed to a cannon of light with increased range and damage. Opponents hit by light cannon attacks have their movement speed decreased for a short time. 6 second cooldown. At Lvl. 11 opposing Pokemon hit by the area-of-effect attack are unable to act for a short time.
    • Dragon Pulse - Duraludon charges power and releases it for an area-of-effect attack. Its movement speed is decreased while charging, but the area of effect widens based on how long the move is charged. When Duraludon learns this move, all successful attacks will attach markers to opposing Pokemon. If Dragon Pulse hits a marked opponent, damage is increased based on how many markers are on that opponent. If this move KOs an opponent, its cooldown is reduced and Duraludon's next three basic attacks further decrease its cooldown. 8 second cooldown. At Lvl. 11 Duraludon heals some HP if this move KOs an opposing team's Pokemon.
  • Metal Claw - Duraludon swipes with sharp claws, dealing damage and lowering the opponent's movement speed on hit. Duraludon's next basic attack after using this is boosted. Cooldown is 8 seconds. Upgrades at Lvl. 7 to one of the following:
    • Dragon Tail - Duraludon shoves an opposing Pokemon back while moving itself back a short distance as well. Duraludon's next basic attack is boosted. This move can be used three times before cooldown. 1.1 second cooldown. At Lvl. 13 The move deals additional damage to opposing Pokemon on hit.
    • Stealth Rock - Duraludon throws a stone at a designated spot which creates a field of levitating stones in that spot. Opposing Pokemon who enter the field are damaged and have reduced movement speed for a short time. If the stone hits an opposing Pokemon, the area of effect becomes where the opponent was hit. If an opposing Pokemon is damaged by this move a certain number of times, it becomes stunned for a short time. Duraludon's next basic attack after using this move is boosted. This move can be used three times before cooldown. 1 second cooldown. At Lvl. 13 the amount of uses before cooldown increases.
  • Passive Skill: Heavy Metal
    • Prevents Duraludon from being thrown or shoved once. This Ability has a cooldown after it's used.
  • Unite Move: Revolving Ruin
    • Duraludon fires a beam of light and spins, leaving a burning ring on the ground. Any opposing Pokemon who touch the ring take damage and have their movement speed reduced for a short time. If the beam hits an opponent while Duraludon is spinning, the opponent is damaged and Duraludon gains a shield and increased attack power. The shield effect and attack boost are both increased depending on how many opponents are hit by the beam.

Pokemon Unite Duraludon Best Builds: Danger Zones

    • Move 1 Upgrade: Dragon Pulse
    • Move 2 Upgrade: Stealth Rock
    • Battle Item: Eject Button
    • Held Items
      • Buddy Barrier
      • Focus Band
      • Muscle Band

This build can absolutely terrorize the opposing team in teamfights. Both of Duraludon's attacks here create area-of-effect damage zones that can be used in narrow areas to trap opponents or block off choke points to limit where enemies can go. This held item combo does a good job of boosting attack power and durability, while the Eject Button battle item gives Duraludon an emergency exit in hairy situations. If you'd prefer more attack power to a possible exit, switch the Eject Button with an X Attack.

Pokemon Unite Duraludon Best Builds: Damage In A Flash

    • Move 1 Upgrade: Flash Cannon
    • Move 2 Upgrade: Dragon Tail
    • Battle Item: Full Heal
    • Held Items
      • Buddy Barrier
      • Muscle Band
      • Scope Lens

Flash Cannon is a terrific attack, but the setup requires a little protection. Coupling it with Dragon Tail allows you to push an opponent away before unleashing the cannon. Buddy Barrier will increase Duraludon's HP, giving it slightly more longevity, while Muscle Band will boost its attack power and Scope Lens will increase its critical-hit stats, creating a build that hits hard but can also withstand an onslaught if need be.

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