Pokemon Unite August 16 Patch Notes: Nerfs Come To Snorlax While Garchomp Gets Buffed

In addition to buffs and nerfs for several of the game's playable Pokemon, the latest update buffs a number of battle items.


Nintendo's free-to-play MOBA Pokemon Unite just released its latest balance update, bringing a number of nerfs and buffs to the game's roster of playable Pokemon. Players will need to restart the game on their device to apply the update.

The character receiving the biggest nerf by far is Snorlax. The damage of Snorlax's Heavy Slam has been decreased, and the character's Unite move, Power Nap, has seen the amount of HP restored decreased. For Greninja, the Smokescreen ability will now have a longer cooldown.

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But while Snorlax is the focus of the majority of nerfs in Pokemon Unite's latest update, a number of characters are actually receiving buffs to many of their abilities. Greninja, while their Smokescreen will be usable less often, is receiving buffs to their Water Shuriken and Double Team abilities in the form of reduced cooldowns, and in Water Shuriken's case, increased damage.

Garchomp and Crustle are receiving the most buffs of the update. Crustle's Stealth Rock is having its damage increased and cooldown reduced, along with an increase to damage from Rock Tomb. Garchomp's movement speed has been changed, while also receiving a buff to the damage dealt by the character's Bulldoze ability and a reduced cooldown for Dragon Rush.

The update also sees some changes to Battle Items, mainly in the form of increased stats for the Goal-Getter, Fluffy Tail, and X Attack items. The Eject Button Battle Item will be receiving a nerf. As is usual for Nintendo-style patch notes, no exact numbers in regards to the buffs and nerfs are detailed, with players having to dive into the game to discover the hard data themselves.

Pokemon Unite seems to be a big hit The Pokemon Company. While the title is currently only available on Nintendo Switch, it will be coming to mobile later this year. Some players, however, have been critical of the ability to purchase more powerful held items with real money, which many argue can be described as pay-to-win.

Below are the full August 16 patch notes:


  • Bug Fixes
  • Text Fixes
  • Shop Updates

Changes are being made to some Pokémon stats and moves to adjust the balance of Unite Battles.


Stealth Rock:

  • Cooldown reduced.
  • Damage dealt to opposing Pokémon increased.

Rock Tomb:

  • Damage dealt to opposing Pokémon increased.


Movement speed changed.Bulldoze:

  • Damage dealt to opposing Pokémon increased.

Dragon Rush:

  • Cooldown reduced.



  • Duration of effects on opposing Pokémon decreased.


  • Bug Fixes
  • Damage dealt to opposing Pokémon increased.


Heavy Slam:

  • Damage dealt to opposing Pokémon decreased.


  • Duration of effects on opposing Pokémon decreased.


  • Move Upgrade

Unite Move: Power Nap

  • HP restoration decreased.



  • Move Downgrade
  • Cooldown lengthened.

Water Shuriken:

  • Cooldown reduced.
  • Damage dealt to opposing Pokémon increased.

Double Team:

  • Cooldown reduced.


Unite Move: Starlight Recital

  • Bug Fixes


Basic Attack:

  • Bug Fixes

Alolan Ninetales

Snow Warning:

  • Bug Fixes

Aurora Veil:

  • Bug Fixes


Basic Attack

  • Bug Fixes


  • Bug Fixes



  • Bug Fixes

Wild Pokémon


  • Stat Decrease

Battle Items

Eject Button

  • Stat Decreases


  • Stat Increases

Fluffy Tail

  • Stat Increases

X Attack

  • Stat Increases

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