Pokemon Unite Adding Blissey This Week

Get ready for some serious egg puns as another Support character joins the Pokemon MOBA roster.


Pokemon Unite is getting another new addition to its roster this week. The game's official Twitter account announced that on Wednesday, August 18, you'll be able to play as Blissey, a new Support-type Pokemon.

According to the announcement tweet, Blissey is a versatile supporter who can attack enemies and buff allies. Its Unite move is Bliss Assistance, which will quickly close the gap between you and an ally and then protect them from enemy attacks. The attached video also shows some of Blissey's attack and score animations.

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Blissey will be the second new addition since Pokemon Unite launched last month, following the ranged attacker Gardevoir. That launched on July 28, so this could mark a pattern of new characters releasing roughly every three weeks. The developer has also promised that Blastoise is coming as well. Like all Pokemon in Pokemon Unite, you'll have to buy a license to play as Blissey.

The tweet does not specify if Blissey will follow the evolution chain from Happiny to Chansey. Most of the Pokemon in Pokemon Unite do follow their standard evolution chains, which serve as a visual marker as the Pokemon levels up and gains access to new abilities. But it's not a hard-and-fast rule, as Pikachu is available in the game and does not evolve from Pichu or evolve into Raichu. That could just be a special exception for the franchise mascot, though.

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