Pokemon Ultra Sun And Moon Trailer Reveals Another New Legendary

Another new Ultra Beast has been announced.


The Pokemon Company has released another new trailer for the next pair of 3DS Pokemon games, Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon. This video provides a look at more of the new features developer Game Freak has added to the upcoming titles, including another brand-new Legendary Pokemon.

Along with the previously revealed UB-Burst and UB-Assembly, Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon will feature at least one more completely new Ultra Beast, this one codenamed UB-Adhesive. This mysterious and adorable new Pokemon is a Poison-type and is said to be able to understand humans if it spends enough time among them. You can see screenshots of it below.

Today's trailer also revealed some new details about UB-Burst and UB-Assembly. The former is a Fire/Ghost-type that's exclusive to Ultra Sun. It has a unique attack called Mind Blown, in which the jester-like Pokemon takes off what appears to be its head and throws it at an opponent. UB-Assembly, meanwhile, is a more defense-oriented Rock/Steel-type and is exclusive to Ultra Moon. Like all previous Ultra Beasts, all three of the new Pokemon have the Beast Boost ability.

The Ultra Beats all hail from different worlds and arrive in the Alola region through Ultra Wormholes. In Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon, players will be able to travel atop either Solgaleo or Lunala through these wormholes and visit the worlds the Ultra Beasts come from. The trailer also revealed a new area called Ultra Megalopolis, which Nintendo describes as "a world that has had its light stolen by Necrozma."

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Lastly, the trailer introduced a new mysterious team called the Ultra Recon Squad. This cadre is made up of four trainers; in Ultra Sun, players will cross paths with Dulse and Zossie, while Ultra Moon players will encounter Phyco and Soliera. Little is known about the Ultra Recon Squad, but in the trailer, they appear with the Ultra Beast UB-Adhesive.

Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon release on November 17. Those who purchase either title before January 10, 2018 will receive a special Rockruff as a free gift, which can only evolve into the recently revealed Dusk Form Lycanroc.

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