Pokemon Twilight Wings: Nessa's Anime Debut Is Delayed In English

The Pokemon Twilight Wings episode showcasing Nessa is here, but the English dub isn't.


The fourth episode of Pokemon Sword & Shield's anime webseries Twilight Wings features Water-Type Gym Leader Nessa, as she reflects on losing a battle to Grass-Type Leader Milo. The episode dives into the struggles of Nessa's life, as well as flashbacks to a formative moment in her past.

Unfortunately, viewers wanting to watch in English will have to wait until April 24. Although the Twilight Wings English dubs usually drop around the same time as the Japanese versions, this episode's dub has been delayed, Newsweek reported.

You can still catch most of the meaning by watching the Japanese video with YouTube's auto-translated subtitle feature--just turn closed captioning on, then in the options menu change the language to auto-translate, English (or your language of choice). It's not a perfect translation, but it should be enough to follow along. With Nessa becoming a fan-favorite character shortly after being revealed as one of Sword & Shield's Gym Leaders, it's likely many of her fans just won't want to wait for the English dub to be released.

New episodes of Twilight Wings release for free on YouTube on a monthly basis, with each episode running for around five minutes. So far four episodes have been released of a planned run of seven, with previous episodes featuring Champion Leon, Chairman Rose, Gym Leader Bea, and Hop and his Wooloo.

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