Pokemon: Twilight Wing Anime's Penultimate Episode Is Full Of Ghosts And Emotion

Pokemon: Twilight Wings has debuted its second-to-last episode, and it's about Allister helping to realize a boy's dream.


Episode 6 of Pokemon: Twilight Wings is now available in English, further exploring the world of Galar, the continent explored in Pokemon Sword & Shield. The episode, which focuses on gym leader Allister and some previously unseen characters, is a surprisingly emotional little story about two kids in hospital.

The episode, which is called Moonlight and can be watched in full below, isn't particularly heavy on Pokemon outside of a few ghost types--it's more about two kids struggling to come to terms with what their undefined illness means for their future as Pokemon trainers.

Happily, the tone is kept pretty light despite some potentially heavy themes, and it's heavily implied that both kids will be okay.

Moonlight also gives us some more insight into Allister, a character that is exclusive to Pokemon Shield.

It's not as good as, say, Barry Jenkins' Best Picture Oscar-winning 2016 film Moonlight, but it's still pretty nice.

Pokemon: Twilight Wings is set to run for seven episodes in total, so there's one more to go. These episodes have done a good job of fleshing out the world of Galar, which has also expanded in-game recently thanks to the Isle of Armor expansion.

Pokemon also got another great anime spin-off recently called a Poketoon.

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