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Pokemon Trading Card Game Pocket Looks To Address Long-Running Issue

The upcoming app for mobile devices corrects a problem with Poke Balls.


In the United States, there's a small but notable error on the back of Pokemon trading cards related to how a Poke Ball opens. Apparently, the upcoming Pokemon Trading Card Game Pocket for mobile devices looks to remedy this issue.

IGN spotted this fix with Pokemon Trading Card Game Pocket. The back of the cards in the upcoming app show the button to open the Poke Balls connected to the top red half of the sphere. Oddly enough, it's mistakenly attached to the bottom white half on physical cards in the US.

This oddity still persists to this day, presumably related to tournament rules and regulations. However, it's been addressed in Japan and only lingers here in North America. TAHKO on X (formerly known as Twitter) also updated one of his old viral tweets to celebrate the change that took over two decades to take place. However, keep in mind the app isn't available yet.

Pokemon Trading Card Game Pocket was announced earlier this week during a Pokemon Presents. Planned to launch this year, the app will feature immersive cards--letting users basically dive into an animation--as well as streamlined rules for quick battles with other people. There's also a promise of receiving two free packs of cards a day.

Along with Pokemon Trading Card Game Pocket, Pokemon Legends Z-A was unveiled for Nintendo Switch. The game is slated to come out in 2025 and will be set within Lumiose City, which originally appeared in Pokemon X/Y.

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