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Pokemon Sword And Shield's Next Raid Event Asks Players To Beat Up Cramorant

If players can cumulatively defeat 1 million Cramorant during the event, everyone will receive a variety of valuable items in the Switch Pokemon games.


Pokemon Sword and Shield are kicking off a new Max Raid Battle event this week. The event begins at 4 PM PT / 7 PM ET on February 3 and asks players to defeat Cramorant, with different rewards available depending on how many of the Pokemon are beaten.

Serebii reports that level 100 Cramorant will be appearing during the event. If players manage to defeat 1 million of these, everyone will receive a Gold Bottle Cap, three regular Bottle Caps, and three Pearl Strings as a reward. The Bottle Caps can be exchanged to Hyper Train a Pokemon at the Battle Tower, while the Pearl Strings can be sold at shops for a lot of money.

Besides Cramorant, Serebii reports that Quagsire, Golurk, Flygon, and Indeedee will also be appearing in Max Raid dens throughout the event. Additional details will be announced soon.

This isn't the first cooperative Max Raid event Pokemon Sword and Shield have held. Last year, the games challenged players to team up and defeat level 100 Zeraora. As a reward for successfully hitting that goal, The Pokemon Company distributed a Shiny Zeraora to all players. A previous Max Raid event also asked players to team up and defeat level 100 Mewtwo.

In the meantime, a February Max Raid event has just begun in the games. All month long, certain Fighting- and Psychic-type Pokemon such as Lucario, Falinks, Reuniclus, and Gothitelle will be appearing more frequently than usual in Max Raid dens, and players will have a better chance of encountering Gigantamax Machamp and Orbeetle.

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