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Pokemon Sword And Shield Zarude Giveaway Now Live In Some European Countries

Sword and Shield players in several countries across Europe will be able to claim a free code for the new Mythical Pokemon soon.


Pokemon Sword and Shield players in select countries around Europe now have a chance to get Zarude, the brand-new Mythical Pokemon featured in the series' latest animated film, Pokemon the Movie: Coco. Serebii reports that GameStop stores in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland have begun distributing download codes for the Mythical Pokemon for a limited time.

After players have picked up a code for Zarude, they'll need to fire up their copy of Sword or Shield and input the code via Mystery Gift to claim the Mythical Pokemon. The codes will be available in-store until December 13. Serebii also notes that download codes will be distributed online in some of the aforementioned countries starting December 1.

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Currently, this distribution event has only been confirmed for Germany, Austria, and Switzerland; players in the US will be able to claim the Mythical Pokemon through a different method. The Pokemon Company announced that everyone who signs up for the Pokemon Trainer Club newsletter by November 20 will receive a download code for Zarude via email in December.

As previously mentioned, Zarude is a new Mythical monster introduced in Pokemon the Movie: Coco, which is being localized next year as Pokemon the Movie: Secrets of the Jungle. It's a Dark/Grass type that's capable of learning a brand-new move called Jungle Healing, which restores HP to Zarude and any ally Pokemon on the field while also curing any status ailments.

Although Zarude may not yet be available in the US, Sword and Shield players can claim a different Mythical Pokemon: Gigantamax Melmetal. Those who transfer a Pokemon from Pokemon Go to Pokemon Home will receive the special Melmetal via their Gift Box.

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