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Pokemon Sword And Shield Valentine's Day Max Raid Event Features Shiny Milcery [Last Chance]

Milcery will be appearing more frequently in Max Raid dens until February 14, and you'll have a chance to catch a Shiny one.


Another special Max Raid event is underway in Pokemon Sword and Shield, but it's coming to an end very soon. Until February 14, Milcery will appear in Max Raid dens much more frequently than usual, and you'll have a chance to encounter a Shiny Milcery in five-star Max Raids.

The Milcery you encounter as part of this event will all have the Gigantamax factor, meaning they'll evolve into an Alcremie that's capable of Gigantamaxing. On top of that, you'll earn various types of sweets such as star and ribbon ones when you clear a Max Raid. These items can be used to evolve Milcery into different flavors of Alcremie.

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The event runs until 3:59 PM PT / 6:59 PM ET / 11:59 PM UTC on February 14. To begin encountering the new event Pokemon, you'll first need to refresh your Raid dens. You can do this either by connecting your game online or by selecting Get the Wild Area News from the Mystery Gift menu.

In addition to the new Milcery event, The Pokemon Company is giving away a free item bundle for Sword and Shield. As a reward for defeating more than 1 million Cramorant during the games' recent event, all players can claim a free Toxic Orb, Flame Orb, Gold Bottle Cap, and other items via Mystery Gift. The freebies will be available until February 28.

The Pokemon Company has also announced that it will soon give away a free Pikachu for Sword and Shield as part of its Pokemon 25th anniversary celebration. What makes this Pikachu special is that it knows Sing, a move that it can't normally learn in the games. That giveaway will begin February 25. Then, on February 27, The Pokemon Company is hosting a virtual concert featuring Post Malone.

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