Pokemon Sun/Moon Challenges Players to Catch 100 Million Pokemon in 2 Weeks

Start spamming those Poke Balls.


Among the new features in Pokemon Sun and Moon are challenges that the entire community contributes to. The first of these is now underway, and you'll need some Poke Balls to make a dent in it.

The first global mission, as they're called, tasks all Sun and Moon players with catching 100 million Pokemon. The event runs from now until December 13, providing just over two weeks to make it happen.

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If the goal is met, everyone who participates will receive 1,000 Festival Coins. If players fall short, they won't just be left with a bunch of Pokemon they don't necessarily want--participants will still get 100 Festival Coins.

The announcement notes, "To be sure that your Pokemon bounty gets included in the final count, be sure to use Game Sync by December 13."

More global missions are said to be coming soon, though we don't yet know how frequently they'll show up.

Pokemon Sun and Moon launched earlier this month to a positive critical reception. If you haven't yet picked it up and are having trouble deciding between the two versions, we've got a breakdown of the key differences between them.

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