Pokemon Sun and Moon Players Fail to Complete Another Special Event

These aren't going well.


Pokemon Sun and Moon players have failed to complete a second global live event, after they already couldn't manage the first in December 2016.

The latest mission challenged players to scan one million Pokemon into the game from QR codes, via Island Scan mode. According to Eurogamer, the community managed around 660,000.

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Players will still see some reward for participating--anyone who scanned a single QR code in will receive 217 Festival Coins, says the Pokemon Company, while anyone who registered their game sync ID at the Pokemon Global Link will receive an extra 217 Festival Coins on top. The reward would have been far higher if the one million mark had been reached.

Sun and Moon's previous event tasked players with collectively catching 100 million Pokemon; they caught far less than that.

The pair of critter-collecting games proved popular here at GameSpot: we awarded them an 8/10, and placed them in our top five 3DS games of 2016 list. For more, check out our full Pokemon Sun and Moon review.

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