Pokemon Sun And Moon Players Can Soon Get Ash's Pikachu

Add a special Pikachu wearing one of Ash's hats to your team.


Pokemon Sun and Moon players can soon add another free Pokemon to their collections. To commemorate the series' upcoming 20th anniversary film, Nintendo will be distributing six Pikachu, each one wearing the different caps Ash donned throughout the anime series.

Beginning September 19, Nintendo will release a special code via Pokemon.com that allows players to receive one of the aforementioned Pikachu. Each one will only be available for a week and, along with wearing a different hat, comes with a slightly different moveset that reflects the attacks it used at that point in the anime. However, players will only be able to redeem the code for one of the Pikachu, so you'll have to choose carefully. You can find the distribution schedule (and the corresponding games that season was based on) below.

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  • September 19-25: Original hat
  • September 26-October 2: Hoenn hat (Ruby/Sapphire)
  • October 3-9: Sinnoh hat (Diamond/Pearl)
  • October 10-16: Unova hat (Black/White)
  • October 17-23: Kalos hat (X/Y)
  • October 24-30: Alola hat (Sun/Moon)
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Those who attend a showing of Pokemon the Movie: I Choose You will also get a bonus Ash's Pikachu TCG card, as well as a special QR code for the upcoming Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon versions. Players can use this code to add a Pikachu wearing the hat featured in the movie to their team.

Pokemon the Movie: I Choose You will receive a very limited international showing on November 5-6. Those interested in attending can find their nearest venue and purchase tickets through Fathom Events. Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon release for 3DS shortly after the movie's theatrical run, on November 17.

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