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Pokemon Sun And Moon Players Can Now Get Another Free Pokemon

A free Salazzle is now available from GameStop.


The next Pokemon distribution for Sun and Moon is going on now. Players in the US who visit a participating GameStop store will be able to receive a free code for a "battle-ready" Salazzle.

As revealed earlier this month, the free Salazzle players can pick up from GameStop is level 50 and comes equipped with a Focus Sash, a one-use item that lets the Fire- and Poison-type Pokemon endure an attack that would normally result in a one-hit knockout. It also knows the following four moves:

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  • Fake Out
  • Toxic
  • Sludge Bomb
  • Flamethrower

Salazzle is unique among Poison types thanks to its ability, Corrosion, which allows it to poison Pokemon that would normally be immune to the ailment (such as Steel and other Poison types). Its high speed and special attack stats allow it to use Sludge Bomb and Flamethrower effectively, while Focus Sash increases the frail Pokemon's survivability.

To add Salazzle to your team, select Mystery Gift from the games' menu screen and choose to receive your gift "via code/password." Input the code you received from GameStop and you'll be able to pick your Salazzle up from the deliveryman waiting inside any of the game's Pokemon Centers. GameStop will be distributing codes until September 4.

Salazzle isn't the only freebie Pokemon Sun and Moon can get right now. Nintendo is also giving away another batch of free Mega Stones via Mystery Gift. These four stones allow Gardevoir, Gallade, Lopunny, and Diancie to Mega Evolve during battle. Nintendo hasn't announced when the Mega Stone distribution will end, so players looking to add the items to their collections should download them soon.

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