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Pokemon Snap Coming To Switch Online On June 24

Capture classic Pokemon on film, not with Poke Balls, when Pokemon Snap comes to Switch Online next week.


Nintendo has confirmed that Pokemon Snap will be added to Switch Online and Expansion Pack on June 24. Originally released on N64 in 1999, Pokemon Snap was a departure from the usual RPGs in the series as players were tasked with capturing Pokemon on film, not in PokeBalls.

Kirby developer HAL Laboratory was responsible for the game, which went on to become a cult hit with Pokemon fans over the decades. At a time when Pokemon only had two generations of pocket monsters and the N64 carts had notoriously small storage capacity, players were able to take photos of up to 60 Pokemon in their natural habitat.

Last year, New Pokemon Snap debuted and fleshed out the safari experience with a more vivid and captivating selection of Pokemon on Switch. "New Pokemon Snap is a brand-new adventure that's absolutely delightful to embark on, incorporating newer generations of Pokemon and stunning environments that feel truly alive," Jenae Sitzes wrote in GameSpot's New Pokemon Snap review.

Switch Online's May update added the NES's Pinball, beat-em-up Rival Turf, and mascot platformer Congo's Caper a few weeks ago. You can grab them all through a Switch Online subscription or the pricier Expansion Pass that also throws in a collection of Genesis games to enjoy.

If classic Pokemon isn't enough, you can also look forward to Pokemon Scarlet and Violet at the end of the year.

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