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Pokemon Smile Will Make Kids Brush Their Teeth

The Pokemon Company has announced Pokemon Smile, a mobile app designed to help kids with their tooth-brushing habits.


A new mobile app is joining the family of Pokemon spin-offs on phones, and like the previously announced Pokemon Sleep, this one is aimed at improving your lifestyle. Pokemon Smile, which is now available on Android and iOS, is an app for kids that intends to improve their dental hygiene habits.

Pokemon Smile uses your phone's camera to observe your brushing skills, challenging you--or your child, more likely--to defeat cavity-causing bacteria and then catch Pokemon. There are over 100 Pokemon to collect in the game, and there's also AR headwear you can collect and equip while brushing your teeth.

Parents can also use the app to help track their child's brushing habits. They can receive up to three notifications from Pokemon Smile per day as tooth-brushing reminders, and they can also set the time for each session to be between one and three minutes in accordance with their child's needs. Of course, there's no guarantee that the app will actually make your kid like brushing their teeth, but it's worth a shot.

Pokemon Smile's extra-cartoony art style appears to be that of illustrator Kanahei, who has worked on a number of Pokemon projects in the past--including various Pokemon card illustrations and the Pokemon Yurutto line of merchandise.

Also announced during the Pokemon Presents video presentation was a new Pokemon Snap game for Nintendo Switch, which is sure to be kid-friendly as well.

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