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Pokemon Sleep Valentine's Day Event Adds New Recipes, More Shiny Pokemon

Pokemon Sleep's Valentine's Day event adds recipes, an increased rate of shiny Pokemon, limited-time missions, and more.


Love is in the air with Pokemon Sleep's first Valentine's Day event. For one week, Pokemon Sleep will celebrate Valentine's Day with new recipes, higher encounter rates of specific Pokemon, increased chances for catching shiny Pokemon, and limited-time missions with rewards.

Pokemon Sleep's Valentine's Day event will be a week-long in-game event that will be available to all players in all of the game's sleeping areas. Snorlax's dishes for the week are to be pinned as desserts/drinks and the two new recipes are to coincide with the sweetly soft nature of the theme. The strength of the dishes will be multiplied throughout the week, with Sunday's tasty dishes having a 4.5x strength multiplier.

The Pokemon that will appear more often during the event are Bulbasaur, Chikorita, Slowpoke, Pinsir, Jigglypuff, and Absol; these will be helpful in gathering ingredients for desserts/drinks for the event. These specific Pokemon will also have a higher rate of encounter for their shiny versions. By completing limited-time missions, you can earn 10 Poke Biscuits to aid in catching those shiny versions with ease. For more information on the game's Valentine's Day event, you can check out the official Pokemon Sleep page.

The Valentine's Day event goes live on February 12 at 4 AM until February 19 at 4 AM local time. Be sure to check out our Pokemon Sleep Recipes List, which has been updated with Lapis Lakeside's recipes to get caught up before the two new desserts/drinks recipes drop.

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