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Pokemon Sleep Is Out Now In The US, So Put On Your Favorite Pajamas

Sleep like a Snorlax in the new Pokemon-themed sleep tracking app.


If you've ever wondered how soundly you sleep at night, you can now get your answer with the help of Snorlax and his Pokemon pals. Pokemon Sleep--the sleep monitor starring the massive sleepy Pokemon--is now available to download on both iOS and Android devices.

Pokemon Sleep measures a player's sleep pattern in one of three categories: Dozing, Sleeping, and Slumbering. Each type of sleep will summon a different set of five Pokemon to join Snorlax, which will then fill the in-game Sleep Style Dex with those Pokemon.

The game first rolled out in Australia and New Zealand earlier this week, with new regions being added every day this week. A beta test was also made available in specific countries, though that test was limited to Android devices, which makes this the first publicly available version for iOS devices.

The app can also link up with the recently released Pokemon Go Plus+ device, and it will offer benefits in both Pokemon Sleep and Pokemon Go. A Pikachu wearing a sleeping cap will appear as a special sixth party member when the device is connected to Pokemon Sleep, while a number of berries will be added to the app based on how many PokeStops are activated in a day.

Pokemon Sleep is available now for mobile devices.

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