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Pokemon Sleep - How To Catch Raikou During Research Event

Plus, how to get more Raikou Mane, including several free methods.


Pokemon Sleep’s first Legendary Event is live with its Raikou Research event. Unlike previous events such as Lapis Lakeside, the Raikou Research Event will allow players to befriend the game’s first Legendary Pokemon, the thunder Pokemon Raikou. Players must choose Greengrass Isle as their weekly research area to participate in the Raikou Research Event.

Raikou has a unique main skill, Helper Boost (Electric), which will yield berries and ingredients dependent on the different electric-type species on the team. For example, having a helper team of Raikou, Pikachu, Dedenne, Jolteon, and Ampharos will grant an immense amount of berries and ingredients due to all of them being different species of electric-type Pokemon. A very powerful main skill that works in tandem with the type of helper team you have set, which is new for Pokemon Sleep altogether.

Players will have to gather Raikou Mane to exchange for Raikou Incense to attract Raikou after a night’s sleep and (Raikou) Biscuits need to be fed to Raikou to increase their friendship level. Other Biscuits can be used, such as Poke Biscuits or Great Biscuits, but Raikou Biscuits are specifically for Raikou and will increase their friendship level much more than the other biscuits mentioned above.

There are several ways to obtain Raikou Mane. This guide will cover how to catch Raikou, how to obtain both Raikou Mane and Raikou Incense, and the best way to ensure Raikou shows up after each night's sleep.

How to Obtain Raikou Mane

Raikou Mane is used in the event exchange to obtain Raikou Biscuits, Raikou Incense, Raikou Candy, and more.

There are a few free ways to obtain Raikou Mane, including completing weekly challenges, receiving it from friends, and researching Pokemon after each night’s sleep. Currently, these are the only free ways to obtain Raikou Mane. By completing all of the Raikou challenges from the first week, you will be rewarded with 200 Raikou Mane. It can also be obtained by purchasing different bundles in the shop in exchange for Diamonds.

Weekly Challenges

Below, you can find the first two weeks of challenges and the amount of Raikou Mane received upon each challenge's completion.

Week 1 MissionsAmount of Raikou Mane Rewarded
Get Snorlax to Basic 215
Get Snorlax to Ultra 125
Get Snorlax to Ultra 440
Give out 15 Biscuits40
Use 7 Incenses40
Stick to your bedtime 3 times40
Week 2 MissionsAmount of Raikou Mane Rewarded
Get Snorlax to Ultra 515
Get Snorlax to Master 225
Get Snorlax to Master 540
Use 1,000 Candies40
Stick to your bedtime 3 times40
Cook 12 Times40

In the event's second and final week, all players start at Ultra Rank 4 rather than Basic Rank 1, so you should be able to have Snorlax reach Master Rank 5 with relative ease.

Friendship Gifts

By adding players and keeping up your daily sleep schedule through Pokemon Sleep, you'll receive Raikou Mane automatically from your friends. Though it may seem minimal with the amount gained each day from friends, it does add up as long as your friends complete their daily sleep research.

Researching Pokemon

As usual, by completing your sleep research after a good night's sleep, you will obtain Sleep Experience and Dream Shards for each Pokemon alongside the type of Sleep Style researched. While the Raikou Research Event continues, you will also obtain Raikou Mane, with higher-star Sleep Styles from Pokemon granting more Raikou Mane.

How to Use Raikou Mane

After collecting Raikou Mane, you can exchange them for a number of different items, but you should focus on trading for the Raikou Incenses alongside the Raikou Biscuits in the shop.

Below, you can find the different items you can obtain with Raikou Mane and the amount needed to exchange for each item. Most items do allow for multiple quantities.

ItemQuantityRaikou Mane Needed to Trade Per Item
Raikou Incense280
Raikou Incense3160
Raikou Biscuit250
Raikou Biscuit260
Raikou Biscuit4120
Hard Candy S1512
Dream Cluster S1512
Main Skill Seed1350
Thunder Stone1120
Raikou Candy1002
Raikou Candy9996

How to Catch Raikou

Raikou is the first Legendary Pokemon to appear in Pokemon Sleep, and also has the most hearts in the game to catch at a whopping 30 hearts. Raikou is able to appear in one of two ways; reaching at least Master Rank 9 on Greengrass Isle allows the chance for Raikou to appear after a night's sleep, but the surefire way to have Raikou appear is to use a Raikou Incense before going to sleep.

Each Raikou Biscuit will increase Raikou's heart by gauge six hearts, but when you feed Raikou two Raikou Biscuits and the one Special Daily Biscuit you earn from a night's sleep, it will only fill up Raikou's heart gauge half of the way before they become too full from that session to eat anymore.

You will have to wait for another session when Raikou appears to fill their heart gauge completely with the same method. If you have no qualms about using a second Raikou Incense another night, then you can increase their heart gauge to the maximum with another two Raikou Biscuits and another Special Daily Biscuit. In total, this would require two Raikou Incense, four Raikou Biscuits, and two Special Daily Biscuits to catch Raikou.

Raikou can be yours in Pokemon Sleep via one of a few methods.
Raikou can be yours in Pokemon Sleep via one of a few methods.

Another method is adding in a second Incense alongside the Raikou Incense such as the Friend Incense, so there is a chance to have a hungry Raikou appear. Then you can feed a singular biscuit to Raikou that will fill Raikou's heart gauge completely without using so many different items or additional biscuits.

However, the ideal and most efficient method requiring the fewest resources or items is to use a Raikou Incense and then use a Master Biscuit. If you have been purchasing the monthly Master Biscuits by trading 4,000 Sleep Points each month, then you can use the Master Biscuits and catch several Raikou for the event for each sleep session a Raikou appears. Raikou also has the opportunity to appear as a Shiny variation.

The first Raikou everybody catches will have the same level, type of ingredients, skills, and nature, but every Raikou caught after your first one will be randomized on each of these aspects. You will want to catch several to compare the best Raikou and trade the ones you do not want for extra Raikou Candy that can be used to level up your main Raikou.

Since Raikou will also naturally appear from Master Rank 9 and above, you will want to use a team that can get you a lot of Drowsy Power for Snorlax. Using a team focused on gathering ingredients is beneficial to collecting what you need to have available to cook dishes three times a day, thus helping to raise Snorlax's Drowsy Power. Even though electric-type Pokemon earn more ingredients for the event, if you do not have a team of electric-type Pokemon at high levels, use your regular team with a high RP. If you use a Raikou Incense while you have Master Rank 9 or above, one Raikou will absolutely appear, but another can also appear in the same sleep session; so with each sleep session, there is a possibility of two different Raikou to catch.

The Raikou Research Event ends April 8 at 3:59 AM local time. Be sure to check out our Pokemon Sleep recipe list, which has updated recipes from the Valentine's Day event to quickly reach Master Rank 9 for Raikou.

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