Pokemon Scarlet And Violet Preorders: Purchase Bonuses Revealed

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet release exclusively on Nintendo Switch on November 18.


The first true open-world Pokemon games are right around the corner. If you're excited about the next evolution in the series, Pokemon Scarlet and Violet are available to preorder now at major retailers and the Nintendo Switch eShop. Pokemon Scarlet and Violet releases on November 18, exclusively for Nintendo Switch. The ninth generation of Pokemon will introduce a new region to explore and new Pokemon to catch. Preorders are available for $60 at Amazon, Best Buy, and other retailers.

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet preorder bonuses

While no retailers have announced physical goodies as preorder bonuses, it's pretty common for Nintendo Switch exclusives to have bonuses linked to specific retailers. So, at this time, it's not a huge deal where you decide to preorder your copy.

That said, there are purchase bonuses for Scarlet and Violet. If you purchase Scarlet or Violet by February 28, 2023, you'll get a special Pikachu with the Mystery Gift function. This Pikachu knows Fly and its Tera Type (a new feature in the games) is Flying, too.

If you purchase a digital copy of Scarlet or Violet from the eShop, you'll get the Adventure Set, which comes with the following in-game goodies to help get you started:

  • Potion (10)
  • Full Heal (5)
  • Revive (3)
  • Ether (3)
  • Rare Candy (1)
  • Nugget (1)

Lastly, those who preorder the Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Double Pack will receive a pair of codes that can be redeemed in game for 100 Poke Balls each.

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet officially kick off the ninth Pokémon generation. As with any new mainline Pokemon game, there are three new starters to pick from: the grass-type kitten, Sprigatito; fire Pokemon Fuecoco, which look like a chili pepper-shaped alligator; and Quaxly, a water-type duck Pokemon with a poofy pompadour haircut. Pokemon Scarlet and Violet's Legendary Pokemon have been confirmed as Koraidon and Miradon. Even more new and returning Pokemon are sure to be confirmed ahead of Scarlet and Violet's release.

Editor's Note: Article updated on August 3, 2022

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