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Pokemon Scarlet And Violet: How To Evolve Gimmighoul Into Gholdengo

The Gimmighoul evolution method is one of the most unusual and time-consuming in Scarlet and Violet, but Gholdengo is worth the effort


The Gimmighoul evolution method in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet is one of the most unusual and time-consuming, as it relies partly on luck and partly on spending time scouring the countryside for tiny golden coins. Even if you aren’t bothered by completing the Pokedex, you could do worse than adding Gholdengo to your team. This guide explains how to evolve Gimmighoul and what role Gholdengo can fill on your team.

Where to find Gimmighoul

If you landed here without actually having Gimmighoul in your party, you can track one down fairly quickly. Head to the watchtower in South Province Area Four or Area Two, and you’ll find a chest at the top of the tower. Interact with it to start a battle against Gimmighoul. Bring along a Pokemon who knows Nuzzle or Thunder Wave to inflict paralysis and make catching them easier.

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These Gimmighoul are roughly level 12-15, and as low-level Ghost types, they have low defense. Don’t use strong attacks in this battle.

How to evolve Gimmighoul into Gholdengo

You need 999 Gimmighoul Coins in your possession and, once you have them all, level Gimmighoul up one more time to trigger their evolution. No, that’s not a typo. It takes 999 coins. The good news is you can find Gimmighoul Coins all across Paldea. The bad news is you can find them all across Paldea.

There’s no fixed location where you’re guaranteed to find Gimmighoul Coins, so you just need to keep an eye out as you travel. You’re looking for another Gimmighoul, but one who isn’t inside a chest. They’re tiny, though you can usually spot them thanks to their little hops and shimmies. Check around buildings and vehicles and under trees in particular.

Gimmighoul Coins can literally be anywhere. Happy hunting.
Gimmighoul Coins can literally be anywhere. Happy hunting.

Interact with the Gimmighoul to get a coin, and then do the same thing nearly one thousand more times.

Is Gholdengo good?

Gholdengo is a unique Ghost Pokemon since they combine Steel with Ghost, a first for the series. That dual typing means you get higher defense and special defense than you may be used to with Ghost types, along with decent attack and excellent special attack. The only downside--aside from finding 999 coins--Gholdengo’s HP, which is slightly lower than average.

Gholdengo can learn an impressive range of moves, including Power Gem, Dazzling Gleam, Charge Beam, and Flash Cannon, and their Steel moves and typing make them particularly useful against Fairy types.

If you’re looking for some more tips, check out our list of things we wish we knew before starting Scarlet and Violet so you don’t have to make the same mistakes we did. And to get another strong new Paldea Pokemon to your team, have a look at how to evolve Charcadet, whose final form changes depending on which version of Scarlet and Violet you’re playing.

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