Pokemon Scarlet And Violet Add New Tera Raids Today, Home Support Also Coming

The Pokemon Company announced a number of Scarlet and Violet updates alongside the big finale of the upcoming DLC.


The Pokemon Company announced several updates coming to Pokemon Scarlet and Violet as part of its Pokemon Day presentation. You can look forward to new Tera Raids with special one-of-a-kind Pokemon, updates to Pokemon Go and Pokemon Home, and more.

First, there are Tera Raids featuring new Paradox Pokemon coming. Pokemon Scarlet will get Walking Waves, a Suicune Paradox Pokemon with the Tera Type Water, while Pokemon Violet will get Iron Leaves, a Virizion Paradox Pokemon with the Tera Type Psychic. The presentation promised that the Tera Raid starts today, soon after the broadcast concludes.

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An update is coming also coming today that will add Pokemon Go support, letting you send postcards from Go to Scarlet and Violet. The wing pattern of a Vivillon will change based on the location data from the postcard. Meanwhile, if you've sent a postcard you can catch a Roaming form Gimmighoul. You can collect 999 Gimmighoul coins to evolve it into Gholdengo.

And finally, Home support is said to be coming to Scarlet and Violet in early 2023. The presentation promised that, for example, you could take the Gholdengo you developed in Pokemon Go and import it to Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, but the functionality will open up your Pokemon collection in general. Exact timing wasn't given for the release, but an early 2023 window means we should expect it to come in the next few months.

This all came along with other announcements such as the reveal of Pokemon Sleep with a new accessory that works with both Sleep and Pokemon Go, and a new Netflix series in development. And it was all leading up to the big finale, the announcement of Scarlet and Violet DLC expansions coming later this year.

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