Pokemon's Lucario Amiibo Exclusive to Toys R Us

Toy will be available February 2015; Toys R Us also rolls out 3 for $30 deal on Amiibo toys.

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Yet another retailer-exclusive Amiibo has been revealed. Toys R Us announced today that it will be the exclusive carrier of the Lucario Amiibo, which will go on sale on February 1, 2015 for $14.

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Lucario first appeared in Pokemon Diamond and Pearl. "Unlike the other characters, Lucario's power grows as his damage percentage increases, adding a new dimension as players level up with their Amiibo," Toys R Us said in a statement.

You can preorder the Lucario Amiibo today from the Toys R Us website. Other Amiibo toys exclusive to select retailers include Shulk (GameStop) and Meta Knight (Best Buy).

The first wave of Amiibo toys are available starting today in the United States, alongside fighting game Super Smash Bros. for Wii U, which is available now and is the first game to support the toys.

In related news, Toys R Us also today launched a special deal for Nintendo fans good November 21 and 22. In-store shoppers can buy one and get one 40 percent off for all Wii, Wii U, DS, and 3DS games. In addition, Toys R Us is offering a 3 for $30 deal on all Amiibo toys.

Finally, Toys R Us has rolled out a special deal for Xbox One where anyone who buys a system will receive a $50 gift card.

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