Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire Screenshot Comparison Shows 3DS Remakes' Improved Visuals

See what Nintendo is able to do with the handheld RPGs' graphics after 12 years.

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Considering 12 years have passed since Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire were released on Game Boy Advance, graphical improvements are to be expected from their upcoming 3DS remakes, Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire. But if, like me, you haven't seen Ruby or Sapphire recently, you might not realize just how much of a change the games' visuals have undergone by simply looking at screenshots of the 3DS versions.

Luckily, Reddit user YouDontKnowThisUser has compiled a comparison of three dozen screenshots that pit the 3DS remakes against very similar (if not identical) scenes from the original games, which you can see below. The most significant change, of course, is the shift from the sprite-based 2D graphics of the older Pokemon games to the 3D-graphic style introduced in Pokemon X and Y.

The gameplay is similarly not being left untouched: a new type of evolution is being introduced called Primal Reversion, new mega evolutions have been added, and players will now be able to design their own secret bases that can be shared through StreetPass.

Alpha Ruby and Omega Sapphire are scheduled for release on November 21. If you plan on picking up the game, which version will you choose? Let us know in the comments.

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