Pokemon Photo-Making App Released, What Could Go Wrong?

Think of all the possibilities...


Pokemon's 20th anniversary is just a few days away, and people looking to celebrate have a new app that could help them do so. Fans can now turn photos and pictures into Pokemon-themed portraits through an app on their iPhones.

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The Pokemon Company released Pokemon Photo Booth on the App Store today. The app lets you overlay classic Pokemon text screens on to pictures, in addition to creating Pokemon-themed profile pictures.

It will be available for Android Phones through the Google Play Store "soon."

It won't be surprising if the Internet gets a hold of this app and takes it for a spin. You can already see that I have in the image above, but you can take a look at some more over at Kotaku.

If you want more from the 20th Anniversary of Pokemon, then you can look forward to the classic Pokemon games--Red, Blue, and Yellow--coming to the 3DS. You can also watch this nostalgia-filled trailer and the live-action commercial that aired during the Super Bowl.

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