Pokemon Oreos Are On The Way, Gotta Eat 'Em All

You can now eat Pokemon, sort of, as 16 different Pokemon creatures will be stamped on Oreo cookies.


As part of the 25th anniversary Pokemon celebration, The Pokemon Company has teamed up with the makers of Oreo cookies to offer a special-edition version of the sugary snack.

The Pokemon x Oreo Limited Edition Cookies, as they're called, appear to be the same Oreos you already know, but the wafers themselves are stamped with the designs of 16 Pokemon. Like the trading card it's based on, it appears the Pokemon x Oreo cookies come with different designs in each package, encouraging people to buy more to collect them all.

"Some are harder to find than others," Oreo said in its announcement, which again mirrors how certain Pokemon cards are rarer than others.

These new Oreo cookies will be available in stores and online. Pokemon is not the first brand that Oreo has teamed up with, as the cookie company previously worked with HBO on Game of Thrones Oreos.

In other news, The Pokemon Company recently announced that the new Pokemon animated movie, Secrets of the Jungle, releases through Netflix on October 8. Pokemon Sword and Shield players can claim two free Pokemon as part of the crossover.

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