Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Rescue Team DX On Sale For $20 Off

The newest Pokemon Mystery Dungeon game for Nintendo Switch is the cheapest it's been since launch.


It's looking to be a great year for Pokemon spin-off games, with Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Rescue Team DX released this spring and a Pokemon Snap sequel coming to Nintendo Switch "soon." As someone who wasn't too impressed with the latest mainline Pokemon games, Pokemon Sword and Shield, it was a relief to see a new Pokemon game release on Switch this year, one filled to the brim with charm while also packing some seriously challenging combat and a truly memorable story. I'm talking about Rescue Team DX, of course, and if you missed out on this gem when it released back in March, you can grab it on sale for $40 with free shipping right now at GameFly.

GameFly, a service that lets you rent video games and purchase them to keep if you like, currently has the best deal we've seen on Rescue Team DX. Keep in mind this is a used copy, but it comes with everything but the shrink wrap, including the colorful case. For $20 off, I think this deal is pretty worth it for a Switch game that's hovered around $60 since release. It was worth it for me at $60, but for $40, there's plenty of content here to keep you busy.

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Rescue Team DX is a stunning remake of the very first Pokemon Mystery Dungeon games, Red Rescue Team (on Game Boy Advance) and Blue Rescue Team (on Nintendo DS). Like the originals, Rescue Team DX sees you wake up one day to find yourself transformed into a Pokemon (which is selected by a "personality quiz" at the very beginning). Soon enough, you encounter another Pokemon who quickly befriends you, and together, you form a rescue team, taking on missions to find items, rescue lost Pokemon, and escort clients through dangerous dungeons. Like other Pokemon Mystery Dungeon games, Rescue Team DX is a roguelike and involves turn-based combat in grid-like dungeons, and you can recruit Pokemon you defeat to join your team. There's an overarching story that's quite interesting as well, involving a mystery surrounding your identity and a series of natural disasters that have been upsetting the Pokemon world.

The game earned an 8/10 in GameSpot's Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Rescue Team DX review for its charming art direction, improvements to combat and dungeon exploration, and its riveting story that still hits hard 15 years later.

"Whether or not you're an old-school Mystery Dungeon aficionado or a total newcomer to the long-derelict spin-off series doesn't necessarily matter: Mystery Dungeon on Switch improves upon the originals with some valuable quality-of-life tweaks, making it a worthwhile play regardless of your familiarity with the series," wrote critic Cian Maher. "It features a distinct combat system that provides an intriguing alternative to the mainline Pokemon formula with tile-based strategizing, humanizes the Pokemon you've fallen in love with over the years, tells a riveting and emotional story that will make you view the franchise in a totally different light, and does so with a stylish suite of visuals and music."

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