Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Rescue Team DX Coming To Switch This Spring

Plus a stylish new picture-book look.


Most of today's Pokemon-focused Nintendo Direct centered on updates and new monsters to catch in the latest releases, Pokemon Sword and Shield. Nintendo and the Pokemon Company packed an extra little surprise, though, with a remake of a fan-favorite, Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Rescue Team DX.

Rescue Team DX combines the 2006 games Red Rescue Team and Blue Rescue Team, originally released for the Game Boy and Nintendo DS. It has gotten enhanced visuals and a new art style for the re-release, and it's coming on March 6. A demo version is now available, and that save data can transfer to the full game. Rescue Team DX pre-orders are also live.

Like the other Mystery Dungeon games, the Rescue Team games were roguelikes, letting you explore dungeons and find loot with a single life. Each had some exclusive Pokemon to their version, but Rescue Team DX combines the two.

Also revealed during the Direct was news of an expansion pass for Pokemon Sword and Shield that will add more monsters, as well as free updates coming to add additional creatures to collect. If you can't wait to try out the new content, you're in luck, because Nintendo has also released a free update for Sword and Shield that lets you sample it before the first release this June. You can run into new characters and catch a Galarian Slowpoke.

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Well I mean it's good news. But Idk, maybe I just lost interest in Sw/Sh pretty quick.

It's kinda cool that Mystery Dungeon is getting a re-release.

Idk, it's kind of lame that it took so long for the Switch to get a Pokemon game, and the game we got could have been a lot better. I am at the point where I think I could seriously sit down and teach myself programming, and make a spiritual successor to Pokemon Red and Blue that is better than what is being officially produced these days lol.

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