Pokemon Meets Rick and Morty in Upcoming Game

I choose you, Morty!


UPDATE: Adult Swim Games senior producer Chris Johnston has confirmed on Twitter that Pocket Mortys will be a free download. The original story follows:

Adult Swim Games revealed a new game on Twitter today that seems to be a mix of Pokemon and Adult Swim's popular show Rick and Morty.

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The game is called Pocket Mortys and it's coming to mobile devices on January 14. It's not clear what the price will be, or which mobile platforms the game will be coming to, at this time. Based on the short video, it seems like it will have a similar structure to the handheld Pokemon games.

The show Rick and Morty features the titular characters travelling through different dimensions, often getting into trouble.

This won't be the first time Rick and Morty have appeared in a video game. In August of last year, the time-travelling duo joined Dota 2 as an announcer pack.

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