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Pokemon Masters: What Are Scout Points, How To Get More

Getting pick of the litter doesn't come cheap in Pokemon Masters.


Pokemon Masters is a broad collection of famous trainers from throughout the Pokemon series--representing both the games and anime. Much of the collection aspect is a traditional mobile gacha-style game, where you trade in-game currency for a randomized spin that will earn you a Sync Pair--one Trainer and their partner Pokemon. But if you have your eye on one Sync Pair in particular, that's where Scout Points come in.

Scout Points are earned by Scouting, otherwise known as purchasing new Sync Pairs. If you obtain the maximum number of Scout Points within a given time period, you get to choose any Sync Pair that is currently available through Scouting. It's the sure bet to get the 5-Star team you've had your eye on.

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However, it doesn't come cheap or easily. The Scout Point Max, which you have to reach to get your pick of the litter, is set at 400 Points. You earn 3 Scout Points for each standard Sync Pair Scout you use (300 Paid or Unpaid Gems apiece), and 1 Scout Point for each Daily Discount you buy (100 Paid Gems). To earn 400 Points, you would need to purchase 134 standard scouts, or almost that many with a few Daily scouts mixed in.

Also be aware, the launch period offers a special bundle, exclusive to Paid Gems, with a guaranteed 5-Star Sync Pair in the bunch. This bundle does not grant any Scout Points.

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134 standard scouts at 300 Gems apiece would cost you slightly more than 40,000 Gems, the in-game currency. Even the highest level of in-app purchases is 9,800 Gems for $80. Suffice to say, you would have to spend quite a bit of real-world money to earn enough Scout Points all at once.

To add another layer of complexity, Scout Points reset at the end of each Sync Pair Scout Event. The launch event ends on September 3, roughly a week after launch. Future event resets may last longer.

Earning so many Gems in a single week seems unrealistic, and buying your way in is prohibitively expensive. But while Scout Points expire, Gems don't. If you really want one Sync Pair in particular, you may need to exercise a good deal of patience and gather Gems over the course of several weeks or even months--and then blow them all at once to earn your Scout Points.

In the meantime, if you'd like to focus your energy on the team you already have, read up on how Evolutions and Mega Evolutions work in Pokemon Masters.

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