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Pokemon Masters Is Live: How To Download On iOS, Android

Try some 3v3 Pokemon action now on mobile devices.


Pokemon Masters, the latest mobile spin-off of the popular franchise, is now available to download for free on iOS and Android devices. It features teams of three "Sync Pairs"--notable trainers with their partner Pokemon--doing battle in a new region called Pasio.

The game is free-to-play with microtransactions, ranging from $1 to $80 for various bundles of the in-game currency, gems. Those can purchase you a chance at unlocking new characters, in typical gacha-style. Based on our hands-on impressions, though, the story mode appears to have plenty of depth outside of that aspect. If you're jumping in, we have a guide explaining how to evolve Pokemon in Masters that should help to explain this complex mechanic.

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The game features 65 trainers from across the games and anime series, but the battles work very differently than you may have come to expect from past Pokemon games. You control all three of your team's trainers, and the types and weaknesses are displayed in battle. The combat is also real-time with cooldown timers for your moves. In co-op you can use special "unity attack."

Meanwhile, fellow mobile game Pokemon Go is still go-ing strong. On November 15, the next main series games, Pokemon Sword and Shield, will be released for Nintendo Switch. Check out how these games are changing battling.

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