Pokemon Masters Improves Co-op Play In Latest Update

The latest update for Pokemon Masters adds new features to cooperative play and gives it a sleeker interface.


Pokemon Go may have changed up its gameplay to keep you from venturing into the real world, but fellow mobile game Pokemon Masters doesn't require any physical travel. The game's latest update, summarized in its patch notes, added several features that improve cooperative battles.

Available with the game's version 1.8.0, Pokemon Masters' latest update gives single players the ability to form a team of nine sync pairs when in cooperative battles, letting you play on your own. It also adds more emotes for these battles, so they should be more engaging and personal when playing with friends.

Other quality-of-life changes in the update include an improved display for the "increase text speed" button, as well as adjustments to trigger conditions for certain skills. It's also easier to see which sync pairs are on a team when on the Edit Team screen, and a selection of other bug fixes and tweaks were also included in the update.

Pokemon Masters flips the standard Pokemon formula on its head by taking the focus off the Pokemon themselves and putting it on the trainers. Pokemon are still included, but they're tied to the classic trainers from the series, including Red, Blue, Misty, and Brock. A simple battle system makes it easy to play on a mobile device, as well, and it also includes a full story.

At launch, Pokemon Masters didn't have that much content. The game's producer Yu Sasaki even apologized, pledging to continue improving the game in the future. Despite this, the game started off with impressive download and revenue numbers, hitting the top free game chart spot in the United States and Japan.

Pokemon Masters patch notes

  • Added feature to cooperative battles that lets single player form team of nine sync pairs
  • Made it easier to see which sync pairs are on a team in the Edit Team screen
  • Added new emotes for cooperative battles
  • Improved display and behavior of "increase text speed" button
  • Adjusted trigger conditions and names of certain passive skills
  • Other bug fixes and improvements
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